1. Except for chaos, who lost AoC and gained literally nothing compared to marines and except increases in points for no real reason

  2. 10 man terminator bricks with Black Rune and Illusory Supplication are super unfun to play against, that's why they were nerfed.

  3. Sure glad they nerfed/changed all those rules you listed rather than smashing the entire army for no gain unlike space marines. I definitely don’t take that combo anymore now that is costs a grand total of 38/43 points more. /s

  4. The correct change, imo, would have been to restrict the black rune (maybe not be able to take as a squad relic or limit it to squads 5 or less) and maybe change the keywords on illusiory supplication (or just one of those, then see what happens) but yeah, GW sucks at doing balance changes.

  5. We should just boycott everything controlled by rich billionaires.

  6. TBH honest i wonder how a ww2 board game work work there.

  7. Most people playing historical wargames, even playing the 'bad guys' tend to shy away from overtly hateful iconography (never seen someone play flames of war with a full SS army, swastikas and all personally, and I don't think any of the stores around me would tolerate that). The euro-centrism of most wargames does mean that stuff like the rising sun of the Japanese imperial army during WW2 is usually not seen as a hateful symbol (even though it likely is, hard to say personally because it's just not part of my social lens as a white American)

  8. Ah the 'but communism' defense that Nazis love to use to defend themselves.

  9. I think doom guy would eventually run out of ammo.

  10. But every time doom guy rips angrons head off he will just spew ammo everywhere?

  11. Ba alliance with nekrons. How would that work?

  12. It makes 'slightly' more sense now as they it turned into a alliance of convenience with the silent king to fight off a hive fleet tendril. But when it was first added in the 5th ed blood angels codex, it was very baffling (I'm fairly certain necrons hadn't been revamped yet and were basically all completely mindless servants of the ctan still)

  13. 5th edition already had revamped necrons wtf you are talking about, you can hate Matt Ward and rightfully so but don't make up non existing reasons

  14. The 5th edition blood angels codex came out before the 5th edition necron codex, so the alliance between blood angels and necrons was talked about in the blood angels lore before they had released the revamped necrons.

  15. Canada also has poutine at Costco.... When I visited once in Canada once I was like... Why don't we have more poutine in the states, it's cheese gravy and fries, that sounds like American food to me

  16. Locked in at 2.6% during the height of COVID. Had to sign the papers in the parking lot of the lawyers office and use my shoe to hold the paperwork down.

  17. Haha, my loan officer drove to my place, handed the paperwork to me, I then went inside, signed it all, then handed it back. So much less annoying than driving 45 minutes to my realtors office to sit around and then sign when I first bought my place.

  18. Ah so the ol Neville chamberlain strategy that worked so well last time.

  19. The 'if you give a mouse a cookie's children's book also comes to mind. You are mind bogglingly stupid.

  20. I think you are a bit naive if you think that's the major cause of all the gamer uproar over tlou2. That's probably the most trivial thing that group of people complained about (it was usually a gateway to get to their real complaints, which are basically all bigotry)

  21. I mean, i thought the game was quite flawed, but yeah there is a reason a lot of the most vocal critics were also complaining about Ellie GASP, being gay and having her relationship be relevant to the story!

  22. Then there was the complaints about Abby's supposedly too masculine appearance, then there was the lev storyline which will get all the Republicans even more hot and bothered now than it did then probably.

  23. Honestly, for 10 million an episode they should have built a temp set around a popular zoo giraffe encounter instead of cgi giraffes. How are we okay with premie babies (you can’t film children under 14 days old) yet we can’t have Ellie film feeding real giraffes at a zoo?

  24. Because....Russia already knows. Almost every intelligence agency knows something before we do.

  25. you can't possibly be saying that countries with whole networks of spies know more than a bunch of armchair generals on reddit?

  26. Awesome job! I want to get my hands on this model so bad but he costs and arm and a leg on eBay 😞

  27. OK that's a long video. But I skipped to the dataslate. He mentions he's not tanky enough, but I play Sisters and I did the math. 1 ret MM squad or 1 warsuit MM sqaud with reroll 1's to hit (a normal melta setup I run) will only deal 7-9 damage to him. So this guy is wrong about that, ironic he uses retributors as his example too lol.

  28. He doesn't have lookout sir, so as soon as he pops his head out he will be a target and die to what he gets shot at with, it's not just one squad, he will take the same amount of fire as a primarch, but doesn't have any defensive shenanigans really to protect him (-1 damage and a 4++ are ok, but he doesn't have -1 to be hit/wounded, no transhuman, no turn off rerolls, no impossible robe stuff, no feel no pain). His only ability that matters is the buff to one unit near him, the command phase debuffs... He will already be dead if he's ever in range to use them.

  29. The Kings are tied with the Knights at 84 points. yet the Kings are rated at 13th in the Power Rankings behind the Krackpots, the Oilers, the Jets, AVS, and Stars even though with 84 points, apparently it means nothing to the so called "experts".

  30. It's too late for east coast media to watch kings games, always has been.

  31. My school had sex ed in 5th grade. It's strange hearing about people having it so late.

  32. Girls had it in 5th and boys in 6th here in the backward clusterfuck of Utah back in the late 90s, but it wasn't really sex ed, it was 'this is puberty, this is what it means, if you have sex you might get diseases or get someone pregnant so be abstinent' oh and 'clean the dick cheese off your penis'

  33. Most likely, GW is counting all 'gw support eligible events' which is 32 players, regardless of it's an RTT style (3 round) or gt style (5+ rounds).

  34. What makes you think they have a minimum player count?

  35. It's possible they don't, but if there was no min player count I would assume the results would be even more randomly skewed. The 'gw support minimum' is a best guess.

  36. He's definitely going to be a nightmare for Knights then, Imperial or otherwise.

  37. He won't make it into close combat with knights, the second he pops around obscuring terrain he will be shot to pieces.

  38. Have you met my friend, the Riptide? T7 14W and zero access to buffs aside from a single (3 choice) ability. WS5+ BS4+

  39. Riptides will actually do damage before they die.

  40. Just don't donate to the author of battlescribe, he is a shady person who doesn't actually do any work to maintain the app, just rolls in the money, all the data updates are done by the community for free.

  41. Underwhelming rules for vashtorr (14w and a 4++ means he just instantly dies in the current meta as soon as he is visible). The army of renown seems just nothingburger like the necron armies of renown. Maybe be fun for some spammy/meme lists but I don't see it being competitively viable.

  42. He does have -1 damage as well

  43. I think perhaps it’s to demonstrate that there’s well documented evidence that the Russian military is a little rapey by nature.

  44. Yeah this, mostly that rape is used as hazing against their own male soldiers, everyone in Russian custody has a high likelihood of being raped.

  45. I hope those female prisoners were treated with honor, but knowing Russia i fear they have been through worse hell than the male prisoners..

  46. That combined with his ex, Grimes, dating a trans woman are probably part of the reason he decides to go full Nazi republican.

  47. I remember when Trump, in 2016, said he would be the best president for LGBT people. And then when he became president, he started to take away the rights of LGBT people.

  48. That's the 'fuck you got mine' that has been bred heavily into us white people over the past... Forever.

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