1. watch out , if you walk too weird a cop might think you have a gun on you and harass you.

  2. Because a “…well regulated militia…” means absolutely nothing.

  3. WS seems to be on hiatus, but Contrived will likely be up to something soon as they've recorded a new album!!

  4. that is great news. i wonder what their thoughts on a new Kary album would be.

  5. YHZ says:

    Kary created an Instagram account recently, looks like they may be gearing towards something.

  6. awesome news, two bands are better than one. Wintersleep was great but the real passion was in the first two bands.

  7. poor guy is looking for some people to trigger and no one is around.

  8. Should be called Boomer Blast 2023 ..

  9. got to wait 20-30 years until we become the boomers ourselves

  10. probably couldn't find a good tossed salad or scrambled eggs.

  11. funny enough I just googled "worst steak halifax" and got a review for steak and stein.

  12. Goldberg pinning MJF after 3 moves and having a run at the top, who says no

  13. i would have thought they would have looked like a little old ladle

  14. i wish i got into a nice pink limousine after a night of drinking. the ride i got was usually white vehicle with some blue lettering on the side. not as nice

  15. but Cyclops can... so really when you think about it Cyclops did 9/11

  16. I think he might be an alien. Get the man a big mac and a coke and see what happens.

  17. Food fairy. It’s like the tooth fairy in reverse, money goes under the pillow when you go to bed.

  18. so thats why old people put money in between their mattress.

  19. I really want to read that link, but don’t think I can bring myself to do it. At least not so soon after this Reddit story.

  20. theres a story below it about a guy that has eaten rotisserie chicken for 40 days. just click it, its probably the best story out of all of this stuff i learned here today.

  21. giving it a listen so far. i am enjoying it cooking. thanks needed something new to tickle my brain

  22. the sad part is Phil isnt even a hot dog guy. he more into cookies

  23. yeah that really caught me too. dude got lucky to get to 95. dude is a legend but shocked isnt really the word.

  24. Conservatives: bunch of communists socialists woke transvestites trying to force companies with regulation is bad, mmmkay?

  25. if you get rid of the Safety programs, you get rid of the safety problems.

  26. Well this is what the GOP wanted. Deregulation. Then they blame the Dems for not doing anything and then Trump as fast he can is right there handing out Trump water like he is a savior but he is the one who got rid of the regulations.

  27. i could say the best counter measure to that is to have an educated population that can really hold the government accountable but your government already figured that out decades ago so that's how we ended up here but hey some people made a lot of money because of it and thats who we should really thank

  28. It’s easier to maintain the caste system if half the country is desperately poor

  29. Yeah America we're just too cheap to have those nets

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