1. Why the fuck didn’t Team USA stick up for itself, those fucking cowards? The Netherlands, Charlie. They embarrassed us. They brought us on a world stage and they insulted our intelligence. They made fun of how we play defense, and we did nothing. Those fat pieces of shit made us look like a fool, Charlie. They basically pulled our little dicks out in front of everyone and jerked us off until nothing came out because we are a boy. Look, we will stand united as a country and raise the American sports until they’re popular in London, but I will not respect soccer, and I’ll make sure the other athletes don’t either. We have ten times the military that they do. Why didn’t we say that to them? Right, maybe it wouldn’t have helped, but I’m glad Team USA had fun while everyone had to watch an adult soccer team jerk our little boy dicks off.

  2. Looks unreal, well done. How did you get everyone to buy all your players? Put them on the unwanted list?

  3. No one mentiones Aemon Targaryen (Dragon Knight) in those fighting pols. Also Daemon Blackfyre, Sandoq (I hate him but he’s strong), Cregan Stark and Belwas... And, most overrated fighters are Daemon Targaryen, Brienne and Arya (for the ones who thinks she’s a fighter)

  4. Yeah because there’s basically zero point of reference for those people. We don’t really get any concrete details about Aemon the Dragonknight besides the fact that he is a famed knight. I don’t believe we have any one on one details for Cregan, tbh I don’t recall if they even mention that he’s a great fighter at all. Strong Belwas we get a bit more context about what he’s achieved and we do see him do one fight, but it’s still tough to compare because he doesn’t fight any of the “main people”.

  5. Jon and Mountain are both dramatically underrated in the show.

  6. To be fair Brienne specifically says that she would have had no chance against Jaime if he wasn’t starved and handcuffed etc. Also I think she (or maybe it’s a flashback to her trainer) saying that men either underestimate her or try to finish her off too quickly because she’s a woman. But it’s clear she’s an incredible fighter

  7. Absurd take. And the idea that Cole is manipulative is also ridiculous. The guy has many faults and he says stupid things etc but he’s not “manipulative”. If anything his problem is that he’s careless and doesn’t think things through, which is actually the exact opposite of being manipulative.

  8. agreed, he's very unlikeable. TBH, that's the whole point - he is meant to be an unlikeable stubborn character, which is why he has very few followers

  9. He was just the fucking best. Him leening on that sword as the boat landed in the battle of Blackwater gave me chills. First off the boat, first up a ladder. "COME WITH ME AND TAKE THIS CITY" The sheer balls on the man were mammoth. Dilane delivered every line with pure badassary. Yes he was immensely flawed and made some horrible mistakes, but he was the only king in the war of five kings that I believe inspired loyalty. Had him and Robb managed to strike a deal and combine their forces he would have been unstoppable. Had Robert brought him close instead of scorning him they could held power forever. Hell, had the 3 Baratheon brothers been able to work together they could have built a new dynasty that ushered in the most peaceful and balanced era the realm had ever known. Even his last scene in which he was done so dirty by the writing, his final words were simple but masterful. He will forever be my one true king. Stannis the Mannis.

  10. Wasn't the whole point with Stannis was that he DID NOT inspire a lot of loyalty, which is why so many Stormlanders prefer Renly despite him not really having a legitimate claim

  11. Curious, why spend on the Gen if you’re planning on getting the rep for it? From what I’ve seen, the 24 hour wheel, specifically like 24 and a few other numbers are all wonky and a major flaw.

  12. I got a rep of my gen sub that I use when I go on trips etc. don’t want to risk losing while travelling

  13. thats so good, this is exactly what I am looking for. not some massive exposition about how I need to be sang to by the authors and shown how smart they.. just simple short sentence that carry a lot of weight in them. Darlings Killed.

  14. The whole writing style Abnett used in Know No Fear is amazing, it’s all short sentences like that

  15. I was excited when I came across this post for I’m looking for a Bluesy! But disappointed reading the comments it’s out of stock! Has the seller mentioned when they may be in stock? Or do they recommend just picking another factory?

  16. Sadly no ETA. Just recommended other factories. I’m personally not keen to risk it with other factories, I’ve seen too many people saying the VSF has bad gold

  17. I actually went for the king factory as it was the only one that had the SELS as 3 seperate pieces like the CF does. Also they are using the VS3135 movement and ARF bracelet and CF bezel insert. Just got my QC pictures today. Also the gold colour looks better than ARF and VSF while still being cheaper than the Vsf model

  18. I haven’t heard of King factory at all (although I’m new to this). In all my research I only really came across CF, VSF, ARF. Are you confident with the King factory? Do the QC look good?

  19. Did you ever manage to get your Clean Bluesy? I just went through the same thing you did but with Trust Time. They’re trying to convince me to get another one, but I don’t think I want any alternative to the clean

  20. The patterns on Dan Flashes shirts really aren’t that complicated the more I look at them.

  21. I'm a chef. On occasion, we pull a steak off the grill, and it's slightly under the customer's requested temperature. So we place it on our flat top and pour a little water on the hot surface to flash steam the steak and it'll usually get the right temperature.

  22. Everything looks good to me. The milky ring around the crystal seems to be a CF thing. Just curious, why didn't you choose VSF?

  23. Pricing difference mainly… from my research it seemed like the votes were split between VSF and Clean anyway

  24. You know what's really fucked up? I think he WANTED to get caught. He was sick of the cat and mouse game.

  25. Let me tell you, Spectrum was no Tom. It was basically just Jerry sniffing Tom’s wife’s panties and shit

  26. iirc after that he says that next time he won't save him lol

  27. He could have made himself the God Emperor of Mankind at any time, and nobody could stop him. Why didn't he?

  28. This looks great to me, but I’m a newbie. Have you received this yet? I want to buy one too.

  29. Yes I received this beauty bro it’s a perfection

  30. Thanks for your feedback. I get what you are saying. My lifestyle is pretty laidback too but I still like having a little bling on my wrist. I own other pieces from Clean and have not been disappointed. Looked at some QC pics of this watch and compare with gen pics. It's a really close match.

  31. Did you end up getting the clean? I am looking to buy a bluesy as well right now, and trying to research which is the best version. So far it seemed to me like the debate was between ARF v3 or VSF v2, but then I saw your post throwing Clean into the mix. Now I’m not sure what to get!

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