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  1. Do I dm you to send my info over? I live in Denver

  2. I think you missed the point of the sentence. They’re just saying that it’s not always accurate for whatever you’re searching for

  3. Can’t go wrong with YouTube! Some amazing videos on there of almost every engine you can think of

  4. The grinch stole my soul from my heart and left me alone for days and I was so sad for the loss of my life.

  5. Yea he sold that 5th gen for a 6th gen, he has a youtube channel but it doesn’t have many videos, and it’s only got like 1300 subs

  6. Looks like a solid mount, with active aero deleted

  7. Hey thanks fam, i needed that. Hoping to have the energy to bake some pot pie today :')

  8. I identify with this comment and every single one above it 🥹

  9. Very impressive man, stick to your goals and keep up the hard and impressive work!

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