it do be like that though

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Any links by chance to where you buy materials from?

  2. Ok my mind is blown. I didn't know that was a thing. D8 has been my only experience with vaping and I just started a few months ago.

  3. I think he's saying you overcome it with God. I'm not sure though.

  4. If people are taking advice from reddit without looking into it themselves then they are fucking dumb.

  5. OP is correct when you put it into the context of the church receiving it, geographic locations, etc it becomes a quite different picture than the current western church likes to paint turning it into something that can become a catch phrase

  6. You mean other than the vague mention of aspect of LI coverage that may or may not be part of the coverage depending on a lot of different factors and that doesn't get into the cost of borrowing against the policy and everything else.

  7. You would also have to worry about the oil being contaminated even if they were GF eliminates almost all American FF chains sans a few.

  8. I mean, what is Jack supposed to do about mic-quality? It's hard to even get to talk to these people, you can't demand from them to use good equipment, and sending it to them just for a single interview seems a bit too much. I really don't mind that personally.

  9. Sure, but you explicitly criticized mic quality. I agree about the music part, it definitely is too load at some times.

  10. I mean yes I did mention mic quality but I also very clearly said that on top of the music and stuff.

  11. You are very talented. I guess if I had to try I'd say the top is a little flat but I say that from the position of I could never made what you've made.

  12. Anyone saying "FB isn't that bad" doesn't understand the FB marketplace

  13. Nope. Never once thought the older football coach dating the high school student was enjoyable. Creepy, poorly written maybe but wished for more...nope.

  14. This might be the only fan base that make Star Wars AND comic fans look normal. Grow up and stop bitching about every little thing expecting anything to change. If you jump to bitching like you're owed something you need to get a life, get a clue, grow up and piss off

  15. Well if you kids would stop turning this into anither toxic fandom, those of us that aren't entitled as hell might be able to enjoy ourselves

  16. Another pro-life tip that is Half Baked from somebody that doesn't have a firm grasp on the complexities of life. There are tons of examples of perfectly reputable businesses that have quick starts. Tradesmen, the restaurant business, mechanic shops Etc. Pro-life tip for you is next time that you decide to post something think it through and do your homework first

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