1. You should look up the dramatic body type (kibbe style essence system), because you sound exactly like one. That could give you some ideas on how to leverage your naturally "yang" (masculine) essence

  2. I’ve always thought SC. I like her in the same styling and I think she is similar energy wise to Naomi Watts and Kristen Dunst. Pretty, refined, graceful, expensive.

  3. Soft classic vibes? Have you seen Love Happy? Terrible film but she’s practically Jessica Rabbit.

  4. SC isn’t just a less curvy version of R Ykwim? Both can be super curvy or much less so. Soft classic and Romantics are Image Identities, NOT body types. And women’s bodies change over a lifetime with weight gain, loss, diet, exercise, undergarments, not to mention pregnancy menopause etc. MM was pregnant a few times in her career.

  5. I’m sorry but is this a direct reference to my post from the other day?

  6. I looked at you post history to see what the dress was like and stumbled upon an old post of yours in TR, it’s disabled so I hope it’s ok that I’m going to post a comment here- that commenter was super weird and gatekeeping and super incorrect about nearly everything they said. This community can be so strange sometimes. Have you tried the strictly Kibbe fb group? Great place to understand how to make things work in this system. Sorry for being so forward

  7. Clothes don’t have IDs. And not everyone with in an ID can wear the same clothes.

  8. Why does he talk himself in circles so much 😅🥲 the system is a damn rabbit hole and then when you finally get it you think, this could’ve been said using way less words 😂

  9. Definitely gets more wrong every day. I recently saw a blog post where even the Yin and Yang were mixed up.

  10. Sorry I’m seeing this so late!! Thank you!! I recently found out I’m actually 5’4. Would I be a romantic instead of a soft dramatic in that case?

  11. I agree. I also think a lot of curvy SN types can borrow a lot of SD looks, which I feel is something JLo does well. People often say she has a D essence, but I feel it is specifically SD essence. I think it’s a trait of SN’s with the straightest shoulders.

  12. She’s soft natural type in Kibbe with a dramatic Kitchener essence, I should say. I know I’m being confusing by throwing essences into the mix

  13. Naw, I knew what you meant. My point is that Kibbe absolutely uses essences. It’s an Image Identity system, not a body typing system.

  14. I meant more along the lines of clothing recommendations. R, TR, and SG only have the slightest deviations when it comes to general rules whereas D, SD, and FN only share vertical rule.

  15. I legit sit with my mouth agape at the certainty people have in their own ability to ID people based on a single headless photo.

  16. I’d guess DC because your 5’6” and have long limbs which is yang, and don’t have Kibbe curve ie bust and hips outside of frame.

  17. Interesting! I definitely see the Classic aspect (I also think it’s my main Kitchener essence, so this tracks). I don’t really feel dramatic personally, but I’m curious to know if there’s anything in particular from my pictures that makes you think DC as opposed to SC.

  18. Yes. But Kibbe specifically states that if you mainly gain flesh in the lower part and you are over 5’ 7” it is most likely you are either a Dramatic or a Flamboyant Natural. If you gain it in both the top and bottom and you are over 5’7” you are most likely a Soft Dramatic.

  19. I get what you mean. He doesn't say it anymore. He uses the accommodation stuff which kinda coherent with elements of the book. He does say "weight collects below the torso area/hips thigh area for D FN DC and FG". It's in the book where he describes the types. I haven't seen all the verifieds but agree the ones I've seen correlate to the book. I agree with you that there are alot of busty Ds and FN, but how the curves look compared to someone with a curve line looks different. I think that's what the commentator is saying. I think for my age group it's hard to grasp some of what he means, most are not on FB and prefer to follow tic tok influences. I'm Just adding my little 2 cents.

  20. For a while now I've noticed that more and more people identify as "tall SN" like Chloe Sevigny or Sandra Bullock because they're 5'7" just like them. Are they really SN? Can SN be 5'7"? What about the verified celebrities height? Those are questions that I don't have the answer to, but what baffles me is that they also say that they need to accommodate vertical too because they're so tall for a SN. I can't agree with that, and since there's more than a couple of people claiming the same thing, I'm sure that someone like Ellie Jean, Gabrielle Arruda or Aly Art came up with that idea.

  21. I wonder if that has to do with some of the bizarre misinterpretations of SN I've seen, implying that they can't be short, that they have vertical and that they need to dress in long, unbroken lines.

  22. I think it’s the word “wide” and the stereotype of boring casual ugly clothes? In reality SN is a super sexy ID that gets a lot of great fashion choices.

  23. I used to joke that the only ones who want to be SN are FNs in denial.

  24. Puddle pants like any trend probably works best outside of the confines of Kibbe which is all about a head to toe outfit based on intention, aesthetic, lifestyle, color season and Image Identity.

  25. Oh people have tried. You should have seen the charts people made measuring everything before DK was online.

  26. Um, i understand but, that's not her website??? She has her own blog and everything.

  27. Really? I had no idea. I genuinely thought that he stopped using around when people started talking about two ish years ago. Thanks for letting me know.

  28. I'm on mobile so I can't link photos at the moment, but Marilyn Monroe (without shapewear and editing) wasn't actually as fleshy as people make her out to be. Her sister even described her as looking tall in person. While I wouldn't describe Marilyn as looking like a ballet dancer stereotype, to me, she looked tall and elegant in films (which is also a great way to show that looking tall doesn't necessarily mean having vertical). I have no idea where the snowman-esque double curve idea came from, but it sucks how that's a thing, and is probably making it hard for people to type themselves as Romantic.

  29. It came from me making fun of my own shape sketch wayyy back when sketching was first introduced. DK helped me with mine because I wasn’t getting it at all. It was done differently back then. Just general shapes rather than a literal body. I made a joke about being a snowman and some how that got to be equated with double curve since DK commented that’s what it showed. Fun fact -I am not a real snowman.

  30. Oh I see, thanks for your answer! I'm just curious, did that happen in SK? I feel like Youtubers/TikTokers have taken that idea and misinterpreted it (I first heard about the snowman thing from someone over there) but the way they explain it don't make sense, so I'm not even sure if they're aware that it started as a joke.

  31. I’d guess all FN except D for Marcia and David Kibbe said Eva is either SG or SN.

  32. He has diy-ers focus on accommodations rather than faces now probably because people were missing the forest for the trees eg someone 5’10 thinking they must be SG because they have big eyes and look young. You can’t start with the face.

  33. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck… it’s probably a duck.

  34. If that’s either your natural hair or how you want your hair to be then go for it.

  35. Tbh, I have a pet peeve with using unverified celebs to analyse outfits because 99% of the time the person is being presented as an ID they’re not.

  36. I believe Claire Danes (D) and Michelle Williams (SG??) are also verified

  37. To be perfectly blunt what you like on yourself has nothing to do with your ID. That’s just personal taste and ideas we’ve all learned from other systems where the goal is always to create and emphasis an hourglass figure.

  38. That is an interesting view. With that how do you determine your kibbe type?

  39. I was just discussing this the other day- I actually think the old book is good for that, if read in order. But it can be hard to be objective about one’s self and for anyone who’s been exposed to Kibbe via the internet it’s hard to unlearn all the incorrect info and the made up stereotypes hierarchy. I’m not sure how helpful figuring out the correct ID really is. It’s just a label. One of his recent clients dresses perfectly for her ID, she just calls it the wrong name due to stereotypes and misunderstanding.

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