1. Always give your phone to people you are confident you can chase / tackle to get it back.

  2. South Africa. Cape Town, wineries, safari. Perfect trip.

  3. My other option is after berlin to have 1 full day in cologne then 2 days in Bruges or 1day bruges and 1day brussels.

  4. 1 day in Bruges is plenty. An afternoon is sufficient tbh.

  5. Going to Panama in January! Trying to figure out where to go in June. I have a wedding in Ireland, but want to add on a beach / coastal trip on top of it, as I don’t get to Europe often.

  6. While not exactly the same quality I can find stuff that's close to what I could find in Japan here in LA.

  7. Depends where you live. I am in Southern California and outside of Italy / Mexico City I have never found the food better than my options at home.

  8. Amsterdam was amazing. Currently in Brugge right now and it’s a nice reset for the trip. It’s beautiful, but I find it very boring.

  9. Why would you ever think you’d regret trading an omega for a Rolex? Modern omegas are so bulky and unwearable.

  10. Play Wilson this week. If he plays bad we need to make a change the following week.

  11. His house in San Diego is awesome. He’s a nice / generous, but very weird guy.

  12. Thank god! Weird spot that he’s earned another year either way, but can’t tie his coaching career to Wilson much longer.

  13. Derek carr, Jimmy g, jacoby all take us to the playoffs.

  14. Was Reigning Champ bought? Just based on their recent product line I wouldn't be surprised, but still disappointed

  15. Yeah it was just a couple months ago? I still think it’s currently just as good though tbf.

  16. When you turn 18 you will understand lots of people have different life views.

  17. Am 30 ya peaky blinder cosplayer lol. Sportscoats to thanksgiving. Funniest joke I’ve heard all year.

  18. That’s what happens in Muslim countries. Avoid like the plague.

  19. The season is over, but more importantly the Wilson experiment is over. I don’t see why you don’t try mike white. Wilson is not going to be on this team next year.

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