road rager follows guy home... but

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  1. As a biker I can quite comfortably say only a 'cruiser gang' kinda rider would do this... They think they're better than everyone else and are a complete sub-section of the bike community, who often hate on the rest of the community.

  2. Looks sick but I'd ditch the lambo logo

  3. Had my Ape for almost 7 years. Never had to do anything like this. I've ridden half a dozen other Aprilias and don't recall any issue. Is this specific to a particular model?

  4. My Dorsoduro is a bitch to find neutral! It's a 50:50 chance of getting it

  5. Agreed! The Mk5 b is a Spartans ODST lid .o7

  6. ODST's are generally more badass than Spartans, it's out of respect that their helmets are the victor

  7. Those are some of my favorite OEM wheels, especially the gunmetal version

  8. Don't suppose you know what they're called?

  9. I do indeed, they’re called “watkins glen” wheels

  10. They get pissed off because they drive around filming and intentionally try to create these situations like the biker did here. Asshats.

  11. Precisely this, the guy is either extremely stubborn with a huge ego, or intentionally looking for something to post on YouTube.

  12. Bike is wrong for reacting, the actual situation is complicated. The car was indicating before the bike merged so the bike should have let them in cause all visibility checks the car needs to do should be done before merging. so the car didn't see the bike cause they literally weren't there at the time. Once the bike merged the car didn't rush the merge and the bike was to stubborn to slow down or move so would have been bikes fault but was an innocent mistake that they reacted poorly to it

  13. This is the best answer, totally agree.

  14. It's not a proper/thoroughbred sumo, but Hypermotard 950SP

  15. This just makes me think of the time when Charlie from IASIP says he's a "full on rapist" when he's trying to say 'philanthropists'!

  16. Wish I could do the same like you OP. I am nearing 38 and yearning to go back to uni. Wish you all the best in your studies :)

  17. Can relate, I graduated 2 years ago and do miss the uni life/experience. Part of me wishes I could go back and do it again! Doesn't help that covid cut it short

  18. God I'm so glad Covid cut my HS experience instead, looking forward to uni lol

  19. A lot of people forget about us! I didn't even get a graduation. All that work to get a top grade and I didn't even get to celebrate. Not to mention the job struggle. I've literally only just landed a grad job, started 2 weeks ago!

  20. You don't have a viral throat infection. They don't last 11 months. You can have chronic irritation of the throat or chronic tonsillitis which persists because of low-grade inflammation. This can occur for any number of reasons to include bacterial colonization vs bacterial biofilms, to reflux, to post-nasal drip vs allergies, etc.

  21. I really appreciate the response! Thank you.

  22. It's sweet, but am I the only one that finds themselves cringing while watching?

  23. Probably would be a better question if it was $5000 now or $5mil in 30 years.

  24. If he couldn't see that... he was going too fast. Rookie mistake by a squid.

  25. My guess, he was watching the Speedo and not the road.

  26. Possibly the door lock module, they commonly fail and will still 'work' but they stop telling the car the door is open or closed so the lights and the central locking can stop working right

  27. Cheers for the reply, but as I put in the post we just replaced it.

  28. Sorry about that, it's not showing your text on my mobile for some reason :-/

  29. No worries, easily missed on mobile.

  30. At first I thought it was a Shiver, but looking closer looks like an MT-03

  31. Absolute legend for helping people stuck on the side of that don't know what they're doing, we could use a world with more people like him.

  32. Can dish it out but not take it

  33. Exactly what I came here to say. Like I get that it sucks, but he was fully willing to do this to his mate, but when it happens to him, he's furious...

  34. I'm so glad for you that you've called it off! But I'm also really sorry that you've had to go through this, you deserve/you'll find someone better.

  35. On the train back home after a 2 day (80-90mile) cycle with my dad, looking to pass the time.

  36. how tall are you in cm?

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