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  1. does it show1893$ at least per share? Or I'm dazed?

  2. Anyone tries to call ComputerShare to see what happened? I'm international ape, not convenient to do that though.

  3. obviously it's not caused by DDOS, the service actually returns "Runtime Error", with error code as 500, which means "internal error".

  4. And supposing it is DDoS, nearly 1 day DDoS cloud take a lot of money, that's another point why I think it's not likely caused by DDoS.

  5. You can have an error page still up, but have an underlying service taken down.

  6. computershare is still not available, it's really abnormal, a internet service not available for nearly 1 day? given that it's actually is a simple internet service, what problem could take such long time to fix?

  7. Where to get these statistics? is it from ComputerShare Official Web Site, I didn't find it on ComputerShare Web Site though.

  8. Lol, why would you cut your own balls off for 140 a share 😆 there needs to be at least 6 ZEROs added to the end of that number

  9. Guess your brain is more smooth than mine. if you tried the selling workflow. you will know computershare has the price limit,no more than 7 times current price.

  10. I'm an international ape, so I have no idea why the tax for selling shares is such a lot, in my experience, there is no tax for selling shares, of course, it was the experience when I used the broker app, appreciated if anyone can give me some guide to understand this.

  11. Isn't the fee 25$ and because the amount was less they waive the missing difference?

  12. I don't understand, in this case, it means there is no sense to sell the fractional shares, except considering about the book vs plan thing.

  13. My understanding is that by selling the fractional it changes how the rest (or a proportion, still not clear on that detail) of your DRS whole shares are managed and reported. It closes a loophole.

  14. but from the transaction, it makes me feel the fractional shares are just throwed away with nothing returned.

  15. TBH I completely do not understand what AA did and doing, sold amount of shares, then split with APE creation, then reversed merging? what the hell, though I'm still holding AMC, but these actions made me really disappointed, perhaps I'm too stupid to understand his intentionn though, I'm doubting AA is just playing on the community support. DO NOT CALL ME SHILL, I'm holder.

  16. Note that this is revealed 4 years later, right? One will not surprise if read the DD "House of Cards" by "atobitt"

  17. If you check my posts, you will see I'm holding 12000+ more shares, with 50% + money lost, and actually I bought 160 more yesterday on computershare.

  18. That is okay. There should be an option at the top or bottom for "not listed". Click that.

  19. I'm outside with phone, will try later when back to laptop.

  20. Currently, I care more about the swap expiration instead of the DRS numbers, it seems nobody dig into it to find out what happened yet, though we screaming on the expiration for a long time before yesterday...

  21. haha, I guess you mean the tons of dollars. LoL

  22. Financial gains on shares is taxed at 30% in Sweden, except for a low-tax ISK account type where you pay tax quarterly on the account value, at 30% of government borrow rate increased by 100 points. Currently that amounts to 1.03%

  23. but isn't computershare US company? why it's related with Sweden. Please don't mind, my brain is too smooth, 🤣

  24. Not everyone has to pay US taxes. Roughly only US citizens have to. Most people in the world won't pay US taxes even for gains in stock in US companies. The person you replied to stated that he/she hadn't DRSd about 200 shares, because swedish tax laws made selling that number with an already paid tax was better than the 30% tax due if selling DRSd shares. I tried to clarify, and also add that there is a MOASS-friendly loop hole in that jurisdiction that could lower the gains tax to 24%.

  25. I have 5 or 6. I think fucking Fidelity changes up something every time just to fuck it up.

  26. What was the suspected size of the credit suisse short position based on the puts? Something like 216 million shares? Hmm

  27. So given that 76 millions are all hold by retails, just wondering why the insiders and RC DRSed their shares to ComputerShare..

  28. I'm 2 years+ holder, though I could expect nothing happens, but still disappointed with the released 10-K, 76 million shares DRSed is exciting news? for me, it's definitely not. This sub hyped too many dates in the past 2 years, I just want to say do not expect any date too much, do not imagine too much, DRS and HOLD please.

  29. Unfortunately, I've got no idea. My guess would be the same place all your DRS letters went, but that's just a guess. Their customer support would probably know, even calling them is usually pretty quick.

  30. okay, I will call the customer support tomorrow, trying with my not good spoken english, lol

  31. Put it in trust at a trust company. If the trust company fails, your account is moved intact to another trust company. No co-mingling of funds.

  32. All those millions of shares that Archegos sold short didn't die when Archegos died. They live on as shares of $GME held by retail.

  33. I do not understand why they don't start to cover today, of course, as a more than 2 years holder, I'm not surprised if they delay the covering with some new trick.

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