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  1. Individual atoms of matter have no central nervous system to experience fun or any other emotional response. Sorry.

  2. I saw a werewolf drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic’s, and his hair was perfect. Bip!

  3. she was Nona in Pete & Pete, and Harriet in The Spy.

  4. Judging by the comments so far, I’m the only one who remembers her being Buffy’s little sister.

  5. It was a running joke at my work about how the work phone never went in my house.

  6. I reached a point at my last job where I left my work phone at work. I was a supervisor, so my boss wasn’t pleased by this at all. I was also hourly, which means that I was only a supervisor when I was on the clock.

  7. No, I meant hourly. I was paid by the hour. I’m pretty sure I know how I was paid for 8 years. Thanks for your input, anyway, Mr. Know-It-All.

  8. Biking to 7-11 to get cigarettes for Mom

  9. Would not Spreit be the phonetic spelling in German? If my HS German does not fail me Sprite would be pronounces spreeta

  10. In German (and Dutch) W is pronounced the way V is in English.

  11. Some month after 9/11 I was in Birmingham, UK for a trade show. At the last day of the show I decided to take a taxi to the airport together with an American colleague. The first taxi available had a Sikh driver and the American guy refused to step in because he was afraid of a "guy with that towel on his head".

  12. Easy way to explain it to Americans: Sikhs are the 7-11 people; Muslims are the 9/11 people.

  13. “Upspeak” irritates the cowboy shit out of me. I’m embarrassed that the younger end of my generation started that annoying shit.

  14. I don't know if I received this one from the culture or not, but "Never go to bed angry."

  15. Please don't use ride share companies for emergency rides to hospitals

  16. All of them. Also, the reason behind every rule was, “Because I said so.”

  17. I used this on my kids, with the added point “…and that’s a good enough reason”. They hated it. And are quite sure they will use it with their kids too 😄

  18. Don’t be so sure. This is precisely why I didn’t pull that shit with my own kids. It’s also why I’ve had authority issues my whole life.

  19. Having never seen this movie, I’d just assume that guy is a juggalo.

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