1. Don’t contact anyone these filthy scammers are suggesting on Instagram or WhatsApp

  2. I won't be of much help but someone else may be. What is your current level of experience and what is your goal/what is your interest in embedded?

  3. I have a beginner to intermediate experience level in embedded with some knowledge gaps. I’m trying to kind of start from the ground floor and fill in those gaps and work my way up to a solid intermediate skill level. My goal is to become more marketable in the job market and switch back to working in the embedded side of software development

  4. Crown1011 wrote me in private of a "contact" he has to get everything back for about 300$

  5. We can’t just ban people who message others. We’d have a few people crying wolf. If he posts on here they will definitely be banned

  6. Please ban whimsy, he is trying to scam people

  7. Ok, which way got you reinstated? I’ve already contacted oculus, which I read it doesn’t work anymore, but they opened a ticket with the screenshots of the hacked account login from India?and I’m trying the privacy route way I’ve sent on a YouTube video of a German guy, which should redirect me talking to a human in the end, I even sent multiple complaint with friends Facebook with screenshots of my account being hacked..

  8. Don’t contact or follow Crown1011 instructions. They’ve been banned for trying to run an account recovery scam

  9. Oh thanks a lot, in fact he sended me a private message but I didn’t open it

  10. Block them and be careful with any messages from someone you haven’t interacted with. They try and steal Reddit accounts too so they can pretend to be someone else with more karma on the platform

  11. Any follow up? did they come and get you? LOL!

  12. Strange scam attempt, couldn't tell you the exact end game based on the information you provided.

  13. That’s all they said. It’s not word for word but it’s the general basis of what they said. I didn’t call them back or text them back. I just reported the number and left it at that

  14. This user has been banned… This post will be taken down shortly. Don’t fall for this bait and switch scams these people try and pull. They’ll tell you all sorts of stories like how their neighbor knows a guy that can help but it cost lots of money. And then he’s still asking about the AG of all things. There is no such thing as slightly illegal. It’s either illegal or it’s not

  15. Keep reporting any post you see like this one. There is a zero tolerance on this type of behavior

  16. I don’t believe that to be true. If it were true then the Lord would have said so Himself. Israel is still and always will be Israel.

  17. I don’t follow Robert Breaker I follow the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We can all hold similar views but execution of what He wants us to do is what matters in the end. We all have our faults. Mr Breaker not excluded. He will judge those who teach His word more harshly and making claims of the Lords return is beyond any of our finite minds to be able to even pretend to predict

  18. Don’t message the person on Instagram. They guy trying to redirect you has been banned permanently from this sub Reddit

  19. Finally broke down and sold a quarter Etherium so I could pick up a Series X. Now I'm way more anticipatory for AW 2 and the Mac Payne remakes 😂

  20. $25 is a bit much for a lanyard. I was thinking of making one out of paracord

  21. I don't use instagram but thanks I'll just see if facebook answers - I don't know if its an error with email or someone's reported as scam which i seen on google. This has never happened before and I cant interact with my clients.

  22. Don’t listen to anyone trying to redirect you to Instagram to some hacker. The guy who commented saying that has be banned. All they are trying to do is run a recovery scam using Instagram

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