1. That's not the price cap that's the epg. You are badly informed for someone engaging in this topic.

  2. It wasn’t actually offshore processing that worked for Australia. Numbers didn’t really change and it’s as expensive.

  3. I can’t stand crossovers for so many reasons, so I should hate the Qashqai, but it is for sure one of the better ones. An honest, solid, comfortable, intuitive car.

  4. Asking yes. Self funded. People are mostly happy to do so as it's a reason to work from home and avoid the return to the office days.

  5. Just google 2014 Mazda 2.2 diesel problems. Why wouldn't that put you off buying one? There's plenty of other options that don't have that perceived (or actual) poor reliability problem.

  6. all the problems i can see on google seem like people using diesels for city driving and not actually the fault of the car. am i missing some issues ?

  7. Great that they're finally doing something to combat the rise of the far right.

  8. Would you be happier if they had a stage managed entrance in a fiat panda kept for the occasion?

  9. Saying "I did do the thing that incurs the fine but didn't mean to" again is very unlikely to get a different result.

  10. That was a factual statement I made of Churchill allowing British India to starve. Makes no difference what else was going on a choice was made, we many in Britian happily gloss over that, much like many avoid the facts like the above of what we did to the population in the boer war.

  11. *Makes no difference what else was going on" is a truly ridiculous statement and demonstrates the absurd grasp you seem to have on reality.

  12. The egyptians should be able to share the profits. Like an artefact timeshare situation

  13. The British museum is free for everyone to visit. It costs the UK taxpayer. There is no profit. Should they share the costs?

  14. Interesting. I didn’t know they made no direct profit of these artefacts? Like i thought is was tied into a tourism budget thing. Not British so clueless here

  15. Cash will rarely go to who you give it too, Most places pool it and do a split between everyone working inc Chefs. Same thing happens with the service charge.

  16. I don't mind that. I do mind it going to the company like it has in many places recently.

  17. We use to split cash tips with everyone on the shift. That isn't my problem.

  18. I won't give my personal opinion on show plates but I'm glad that the people who fit them have found another way to declare 'I'm a massive chav' so that burberry can get a bit of a break.

  19. This is Chinese state propaganda, sorry to blow ur minds guys.

  20. This is the society the west upholds as free before Mao?

  21. Kitchen scales helped me lose weight and understanding TDEE. I don’t think that people realise how big a recommended ‘portion’ is plus how negligible exercise is to weight loss. That said when people would ask me and you tell them how

  22. Portion control was the main thing for me. Made a cake from the 1980s good housekeeping guide and it looked like a cupcake. We've definitely gone too large on portions.

  23. No because one comment is unhinged and offensive to actual victims of genocide and the other is a view on a asylum policy to stop illegal immigrants the size of the population of Manchester from turning up in the UK every year.

  24. You believe that a policy to restrict migration is the same as the persecution, enslavement and murder of millions of Jews and others? That isn't a widely held or reasonable view. Would you say this to holocaust survivors?

  25. I don't know what answer you're expecting. You should try to claim it on warranty and see what happens - what do you have to lose if they say no?

  26. I think you're trying to explain the anger that Poland was 'liberated' to only be placed under another awful regime in the Soviets when the Germans had often already left. I think you're using confusing language however and the only reason the Germans had already left in places was to escape the Russians.

  27. Because this particular camp is clearly in the east and being liberated by the Russians directly.

  28. For a tall person, Skoda Karoq with DSG box. Lots about, great for families. I’d recommend.

  29. Mine had rather annoying issues so I gave up on it after a year or two - was really disappointed as it was a good proposition.

  30. People said he must have wanted to kill his family because of how unreliable they are. That’s a wee bit past not being a fan

  31. Well people started winding him up as he was being a twat. It's the internet.

  32. No he was a twat back to people after they were saying really shite things about him. As I said, all he did in the beginning was post a picture

  33. And people commented their thoughts about the car that he posted. What is the point of this sub if not to discuss cars?

  34. I've always wondered about this, they use the same oil as us right, and we need no where near as frequent changes.

  35. I think they just refuse to move with the times as oil has gotten better.

  36. It's stupid and just an upsell during their extremely frequent oil changes.

  37. Bit of a stretch to link unmarried parents with car accidents even if you think marriage is important.

  38. "let's try and drag shooting into the weird culture wars going on at the moment, that'll help"

  39. It’s complicated because from what I’ve read, the refund would be send via cheque to the address registered to the ref used, which is the previous owner. As I said. Or are you saying that wouldn’t be the case? And mentioned my aunt to just express that I’m not sure who else to go to with these questions since I’m navigating this by myself.

  40. By card, which is why I’m confused as to why a cheque would be the DVLA’s choice. Everywhere I look on the gov website, it seems to mention that the refund would be sent to the address via cheque.

  41. I'm 99% sure you'll get it to your payment address and you should just email them or send a letter to confirm.

  42. Honestly no apart from the occasional acceleration on a quiet road but nothing major

  43. It's incredibly expensive but otherwise I really like it, great styling, interior etc. Range might be lower than most EV but it's also a small car with a small battery, that is going to be used for small journeys, 120 mile is still quite a lot.

  44. Interesting that you like the interior. I borrowed an abarth 500 for a few days and it felt like driving around in a pleather gimpsuit.

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