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  1. In realtà non so per ora, fra qualche giorno lo metto su ebay, tu a quanto lo compreresti?

  2. Sinceramente non lo so, perchè qua in italia i prezzo sono gonfiatissimi

  3. I still daily drive a black version of this. Pretty solid keyboard.

  4. Me too. Sadly the volume controls in Windows are f*cked up, the volume button opens the calculator

  5. Why everyone says to burn at the slowest speed? If I know that my iMac G3 can read up to x24 speed CDs why I should write at x8?

  6. Ok, got it. Anyway, a slower speed means a longer installation time or not? Sorry for my incompetence

  7. It's not the CRT, it's the analog board that drives the CRT. It's a common part that fails in iMacs G3

  8. It’s easy to change? And how much it costs?

  9. It depends, you could buy a new Board, or fix the components inside

  10. That’s me 😳👉👈 I have big accs on blue bird app and camera app

  11. Even if you have SHSH you can't downgrade or restore

  12. Surely we can't downgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 9 if the iOS 9 SEP is not signed. However, what about restoring? Suppose some tweak fails so much that the iPhone won't boot. In that case, might SHSH be useful for restoring from iOS 9 to iOS 9?

  13. Update to iOS 14.3 and jailbreak with Unc0ver or Checkra1n.

  14. Already tried that but I keep getting errors

  15. Guys please where is the source please guys I wanna know the source I need to know

  16. Yeah that’s a good idea. Does it work on catalina?

  17. on 8 the SEP isn’t signed anymore, right? cause on 7 is fine

  18. with my onboard blobs i successfully downgraded mine like an million times rn. but it was before ios 15.6 RC was unsigned by apple

  19. But I have issues with the iOS 6 AppStore, so maybe it’s not just iOS 8.

  20. That’s really strange. Because it still works on iOS 7 and 6. I think even iOS 5 is working. What’s wrong with Apple?

  21. iOS uses SHSH Blobs for installing the OS. If you don't have blobs, you can't downgrade. If you save them, you can downgrade to the version whenever you want

  22. Wait, using compatibilty mode on 15.1.1 works on my iPhone 4 running iOS 4

  23. Well this gives me hope. I’ll try restoring the 3GS. Do you know if I’m able to restore the iPhone 13 Pro and remain on the same iOS? So restore 15.1.1 to 15.1.1?

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