Pewdipie jeans I made two years ago!♥️

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  1. Chains like zipper, episode and bij ons are a bit expensive, but you're also paying for the selection that they make, which i think is great. A lot of ppl use vinted and buy online. Recently i found one called vintage outlet in de pijp and they had great things with a pretty good price.

  2. Vintage outlet actually has a sale this week. Tomorrow everything is €5, next couple days €4 and in the weekend €3

  3. Just something that happened to me and it made me wonder if it happened to anyone else.

  4. If this is the same video, from a different perspective, I think the guy in the blue crashed.

  5. I have this with Spanish shit, if u ever been to la cibanita u know what I'm talking about. Spanish tapas restaurant named after the wrong country, they serve u like 15 euro shitty tacos with jamon serrano on top, its disgusting, back in Roquetas de Mar my home town u go to the beach and find them chiringuitos with like 5 bucks for a kilo of fried squid or 30 for a full family sized paella, I haven't found a good Spanish restaurant yet but I know some stores have snacks like nocilla and filipinos but that's it

  6. Can you tell me where you can buy filipinos in Amsterdam? I wanna surprise my girl with it.

  7. I see, I mean gross from work is like base 48k something a year. The net fluctuates cause of bonuses . What is the required income formula?

  8. What do you do for work and how do I do that work?

  9. Depends on the club, there are some clubs that let me in with a hoodie and sweatpants. Others just insisted on wearing proper pants. So if you are unsure just wear a pair of jeans and any tshirt on top.

  10. That’s actually such a cool concept, I don’t know much about AI. Can you tell me how a neural network is able to create an image that is recognizable and fit for tattooing?

  11. Here's the thing though; I'm skinny as fuck. I've tried lifting, but I just don't get any bigger. It turns out that lifting works best for big dudes. Go figure.

  12. What’s the longest you’ve tried working out every week? And what are your food habits like? Without enough calorie intake you will barely see a change.

  13. looks like utter shite. watch the artist block on youtube and learn the basics before trying to make whatever the hell this was supposed to be

  14. Boy I saw your profile, I think you should sit down.

  15. This is a legit question: yes, there are but they have been a bit toothless by decreasing numbers in terms of members.

  16. Do you have any resources where I could read more about this? I’m very interested in it since it aligns with my studies and this is something they don’t teach me.

  17. That's the tattoo itself and all the equipment they use for it. The experience while getting the tattoo, the colabkrative process and how comfortable you are during it is what the tip is for.

  18. Why can it not be something that they do as part of their tattooing service, why would you have to tip for them talking to you. It is their job and you are buying a product from them. The stuff surrounding the tattooing proces is important but to expect money for it is kind of dickish. Isn’t that just the quality of service you provide so people recommend you and come back

  19. It's a thing where I am, it's something that's expected so I'm not going to fight about it.

  20. I’m not trying to fight you on it. It’s really just something I was wondering about because my country doesn’t have a tipping culture. Only out of appreciation

  21. It is less common for women to sexualize men than it is for men to sexualize women.

  22. That’s the biggest bullshit I’ve ever read lol

  23. Say what you want. There is data behind it.

  24. As a person who’s hung out with a lot of guys and a lot of girls. Girls comment on attractive guys just as much as guys do on girls. But please show me your data

  25. I’m in the same boat right now after a month and 20 days. I’m all alone and my motivation has been shit for the entire week. I’ve tried everything I could think of but it’s so easy for me to just get some and get high right now it’s like I see no reason not to.

  26. Not trying to scare but how was withdrawal for you? I’m at day 14 and my withdrawal symptoms: the no-sleep, the irritability, the absolute loss of emotion control (crying out of nowhere), the appetite loss. I haven’t forgotten any of them and I go back read about them often so my brain has enough obstacles not to go back. Ofc that’s not enough, needed to sit with why I started abusing weed first but those fears are like guard rails for me not swerve back to day 1.

  27. For me withdrawal was pretty difficult, I was in a clinic for my first two weeks and I went through quite the bit of shit there. After I got out my girlfriend broke up with me so I had to figure out how to do it on my own with very little support. I’d get cravings to smoke weed when I was doing things with which I’d usually light up. So I had to tell myself each time why I wanted to quit and even made myself a few mantras to remember. It was very tough but most cravings would subside after 10 or so minutes. Yesterday was the worst so far though where I couldn’t think about anything else for hours and all the stuff I usually would do to put my mind elsewhere didn’t work. And I did end up smoking unfortunately. I think if I get in that situation again I’ll have to find my support or distraction in other people.

  28. Well it is fucked if they do have some power over politics and the people don’t whant that

  29. If you believe that the head of state holds no sway over people in their country, you sorely underestimate their actual power. Especially the British and Spanish monarchy. They hold influence as well as money.

  30. Well if we look at Spain for example, it is forbidden to (publicly) criticize the crown. On punishment of imprisonment, there have been multiple notable arrest of artists where this exact thing has happened. Moreover, the king of Spain is also the commander in chief of the military of Spain. Which means he has the power to declare war, aside from that, being the head of state also involves having to improve diplomatic relations with various other nations. Meaning they are sometimes in charge of bargaining trade agreements, although this is usually accompanied with the appropriate ministers. They also still have the ability to make investments with their personal budgets granted to them by the state. None have let this opportunity slide and are invested in various businesses and hold stock. Money does also equal power.

  31. Ok that seems more legit. See this is why media is ruining the world. Misinformation getting everyone all upset.

  32. She still hasn’t backed up her claim w/ a source. Take everything with a grain of salt

  33. And now you're getting downvoted. All you did was ask. I'm neither liberal nor conservative, but both sides do ruin and spread misinformation.

  34. Do you have a link to the original article or full video? Also found out this isn’t even in texas so now I’m just curious

  35. What's weirder, doing that because "books says do", or doing it because daddy wants sons pp to look like his?

  36. You’re getting downvoted but you have a point

  37. You’d have to agree though that the value of human life in the U.S.A is estimated way lower than say, Canada or (western) Europe. Most definitely a factor that plays in this is the fact that the general populace has the right to bear arms let alone the shit show government that’s been in place the last few hundred years. Not only that but violence and crime has been engrained and even glorified within certain cultures.

  38. Er zullen extra tanks moeten worden aangeschaft om een beetje snel voortgang te kunnen boeken via hun wegen.

  39. Best part of that video is when he approaches the guy sitting with his leg crossed at the table

  40. Yeah I should redo these on black that would look siick!

  41. I don’t know how expensive fabric paint is but if you wanna go over the top you could paint the leg parts as well. Ultimate poodiepants

  42. I think it would be easyer in that case to buy red jeans and to the black lines but yeah that would be sick

  43. That’s very true. Red pants fade very fast once you start throwing them in the wash though don’t they? Could also be a look actually

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