AITA for telling my daughter she's selfish over her Air Pods?

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AITA for not allowing my daughter's half sister to spend christmas with us?

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AITA for firing an employee returning from maternity leave?

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  1. Why are the hell are YOU leaving? He doesn’t work. He’s in no position to push you out of your own house. Get a grip. Kick them both out.

  2. I can’t stand this petty and childish approach to parenting. Why are you treating your kid like your enemy? It’s like some weird subconscious envy/hatred held against her. It’s just so strange and unnecessary. YTA

  3. You’re just as disgusting as she is. Pig

  4. My dogs done the same for me. She’s getting pretty up there in age now. It’s been a blessing raising and loving her.

  5. Yea why don’t you give up your life and dreams and career to be the sole caregiver to HIS brother because he’s too busy NOT giving up his life and dreams and career to do it himself. And in a few months or years when you’re too beat and worn for sex or intimacy it’ll be your fault that he cheats on you because “you don’t have time for him anymore”. Get a grip now before it’s too late and leave. This man doesn’t respect you or your wants/needs. He would never be willing to give up his personal time for his brother so why are you?

  6. Yes you can do it with photoshop by using sharping tool and noise reduction tool if you don't know photshop just send me the photo i will help you...

  7. I don’t know photoshop. Can I DM you the photo?

  8. I bartended a retirement cocktail party once and this man bright three kids that were sound 7,8,9 and they were TF terrible. And he did nothing. His wife was overseas on business. He let them wear whatever do they all looked crazy. The middle child was a boy and he found the retiree's grandkid's toy drum and was banging it and singing a made up song right in the middle of a grown up convo and told them to be quiet and listen to him sing. Then they kept jumping in front of people at the bar asking where the kids' drinks were. Their father said nothing!!!

  9. Was a hostess at bombshells for like a year and I can’t even count how many of my shifts were spent babysitting the regulars kids for HOURS. We had hula hoops for the waitresses and these kids would go batshit with them while their parents drank themselves to oblivion.

  10. OMG Peggy? Is that you? I’m the adult daughter of one of these “regulars” that subjected their little ones to their weekend binges while the waitresses would keep a skipping rope behind the bar and we’d play in the parking lot out back.

  11. Definitely not Peggy lol this was when I was 16 I’m only 23 now but also not surprised to find out this is a universal experience

  12. I could totally be projecting here and the accusations I’m implying aren’t being thrown around lightly, but the fact that she doesn’t want you there is SCREAMING danger red flag. Take the medical issues out of it, adults who insist on alone time with children very rarely have good intentions. Please, please, never ever leave this woman alone with your children. It doesn’t matter how long you and your new boyfriend stay together, she is way to eager to get you out of the way. If it was about bonding I imagine she’d be more open to growing that bond with you there. It doesn’t seem like she cares for your boys’ comfort. Would they he comfortable being alone with her? I suspect not.

  13. There are so many assumptions being made in these comments. OP, you failed to provide key details and there’s usually a reason for that. Was this woman the reason for y’all’s divorce? Or did they meet after everything was over between you and your ex? Seems like there’s some resentment there. Does your ex expect you to provide gifts for his daughter? How good are his new wife’s prospects? Many cancers can be treated if caught early enough. Treatment is rough but it’s not always a death sentence.

  14. I am so tired of the “but I’m pregnant!!” BS. No one cares. You literally chose this. It’s not anyone else’s burden to bear. Being pregnant doesn’t excuse you from basic common sense and decency. Get over yourself

  15. My best advice would be to compile as much evidence as you can for the next free weeks or months and take her to court for custody. Idk what your life is like outside of this post but based on what you said, she is going to do serious psychological damage to your child. Get your daughter out of that situation now.

  16. Not here to downplay anything you said, but I drive semi for a living. While it’s most definitely not a very physical job most of the time, it is quite mentally exhausting. From driving in bad weather, heavy traffic, narrow roads, to hustling cities, it is a bit of a strain on the brain. Not to mention always being aware for other bad drivers. Which in turn leads to physically being tired as well.

  17. It really doesn’t matter how hard his job is. She just said he’s in off season and has done fuck all around the house. Seriously why would you even make this comment

  18. Okay. ATP stfu ttm before I tweak out on you bc I been trying to be respectful but y’all getting out of hand on this lil orange and white app.

  19. Careful guys she’s gonna “tweak out”. Lmfao you sound immature and chronically online “bookie”

  20. Of course yta but something about your tone towards your sister tells me whatever vote you get really doesn’t matter. If any of my siblings expressed a preference to a name that alone would make it off limits for me. It’s not about dibs, it’s about care and respect. Clearly you have neither for your sister.

  21. Progressive would still owe for the damages caused. Your missed work would also be covered since that was a result of the accident. If you're doing a 360 on your vehicle I am going to guess you didn't complete an estimate, at which point you'd need to work with the adjuster if you had any photos of the damages beforehand to try to accurately assess the initial damage. Otherwise it's in their hands as to what they owe based on their assessment.

  22. I do have photos from before the second wreck that show just the damage from being rear ended. There is no way for me to upload them because all photos and videos taken for the claim have to be taken and uploaded live. I can probably email the original photos to the adjuster, I just wanted to get some input before calling him. Thank you again for your time

  23. Ask the adjuster and explain the situation. There are always ways around these types of situations. The automated photo appraisals make things easier, but an estimate can still be completed without them. They may also just send someone out since laying eyes on the car in this situation may be easier.

  24. She’s not your daughter. And clearly she doesn’t think she is. You’re the one who needs to back off. YTA

  25. Exactly the same happened to me, with my husband and sister.

  26. Been there. We weren’t married but dated for a few years. That was suppppeerr fun. Not weird at all to fuck your exes identical twin

  27. You’re right, not a pig. A fucking incel

  28. My part is what exactly? Please explain this Tom foolery like I’m 5

  29. Yeah it was like seeing a train wreck that you didn’t think could get any worse, then boom. It’s on fire.

  30. Not only are you a major asshole, you’re about as daft as they come. Every maternity law in the book, including but especially actual maternity leave, is to protect working moms from this very scenario. Part of me actually hates the copious amounts of YTA votes because it MAY give you the slight chance to cover your own dumb ass, but you asked and we answered. I hope she sues you for all you’re worth and is able to live out the next couple of years as a stress free new mother. YTA, obviously.

  31. You’re a pedophile and have no business working with kids. Because that’s who you’re masturbating to. KIDS. Fucking vile go crawl in a hole and burn

  32. I do not wish to do anything further

  33. As sad as this is it’s just an absolutely beautiful testament to the bond you and your son have. Years from now, he’ll be graduated, settled in to y’all’s new surroundings, earning more money than was stolen, and will always remember the lengths his dad went to to have his back. Shitty experience but a beautiful outcome. Good luck to you and your son

  34. YTA and you knew exactly what you were doing. And they know you know exactly what you were doing. No one is buying the innocent ignorance act. Keep it up and you won’t be around their baby, I guarantee it. MIL from hell

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