1. It’s not uncommon to hear men talk about how they were shunned out of teaching and child caretaking roles by women, or fathers being accused of babysitting when parenting, or father being challenged to prove they’re actually a child’s father at playgrounds and such.

  2. The question is though: are the fathers parenting? Or are they babysitting? Do they even recognize the difference? (because it's not been taught to them)

  3. They kidnap their own children. Stranger abductions are usually men, with the exception of perinatal murder and delivery and kidnapping. That's almost exclusively female

  4. No. It's the hysterics. Don't keep anything in your car.

  5. Autokraft, don't know if that is too far north for you. Very honest - A friend's partner used to work there before they moved, I felt very confident they weren't trying to take me for a ride

  6. Myocarditis or pericarditis can be very painfull for a few weeks usually. With pericarditis ghe pain is often worse when you bend forward.

  7. Hey, I've never heard that before, interesting! Thanks for the tidbit. :) Babies don't lean forward too often ;)

  8. Thank you! Is it normal to still be experiencing chest pain and chest pressure?

  9. This is true of so much baby stuff to be honest. People getting their baby's tongue cut because it's taking a while for the feeding to settle, people shoveling Gaviscon into their baby because it cries sometimes, people taking their baby to an osteopath because it cries sometimes, people telling their kid they have a deadly allergy because the skin around their mouth went pink the first time they ever tried tomato, people self-diagnosing ND conditions in eighteen month old kids, I've seen it all in parenting groups.

  10. We still have to learn, but the learning should be different, more about critical thinking, how to judge the information we find and whether it is accurate or not. That's where education is currently failing imo

  11. I agree with that. Education needs to evolve with the current times. Perhaps schools need to be reformed to match the current era, but are they truly necessary anymore?

  12. Yes, because schools are not just about education, they are socialization, safety nets and childcare.

  13. With your description, I think it's fine. Babies are actually pretty resilient and it's hard for them to truly injure themselves seriously as they are learning to walk. Not impossible, but very unlikely.

  14. She often says she wants to tbh because she is susceptible to constant stress about things big (work, family) and small (house being in order, punctuality etc) way too much.

  15. Thank you, yes, I’m hoping it’s only anxiety and nothing else and will be trying to help her out in that area.

  16. Yep, was kinda praying it was and I didn’t know. Feed my man a couple peas, did a water change, and gonna fast him for a couple days. Salt & meds tomorrow after work. You think he’ll make it that long?

  17. I don't think pot dispensaries fall under the HIPAA laws, but I would report it to the dispensary. That's not ok

  18. It's a message from one doctor to another, just saying that the results aren't concerning in and of themselves necessarily, but if there is a clinical concern, they advise what test to do next

  19. Interesting, I just looked it up as well and saw the same thing. What is it about the green tea extract that causes issues? For what it's worth, I've actually started using the non caffeine version so its been a few weeks since I've had it. I'm starting to wonder what the safest form of electrolyte replacement might be or if I should switch to salt tabs instead and just have regular water.

  20. Thank you, i will be mindful of if going forward and discuss with the GI if that could be the issue.

  21. I would contact them now, especially in light of your green tea extract exposure

  22. To me this is one of the weaker cases - when I read the testimony, the first thing that came to mind was an issue with the UVC. There was nothing presented in court to clearly discount errors in line placement as contributory to the death.

  23. I agree so much. It feels desperate and makes it seem more like scapegoating when they have thrown in so many questionable cases in with the two "real" cases.

  24. Thanks for this. It seems as though from this first post, and posts in other places, that, notwithstanding the confidence of Dr. Dewi Evans, there may be a range of explanations for most of these events -- with one of them being Lucy Letby's actions, others including mistakes made by other members of the medical team, misinterpretations, and so on.

  25. Yes, I think it sounds like there are a range of failures, IMO.

  26. Thank you very much to both of you. I am looking forward to reading more independent analysis of the evidence posted to date. The perspective of sapphireminds, an unbiased poster with significant neonatal expertise and experience is, to me, invaluable, and I appreciate the tone set for this thread.

  27. I think one of my biggest frustrations with the boards I've found discussing it, they are focused on what the trial outcome will be, and as a matter of justice for accused and victims, I want to know what the truth really is.

  28. Your anxiety can change with time, needing more or different treatment.

  29. I’m willing to try anxiety meds but I’d just like to be looked at more closely to make sure he’s not missing something. I did get over a bad bout of gastritis as well that started two months ago and it seems like heart palpitations came hand in hand with that. But now that my stomach seems to be healed and I can eat normal again the palpitations won’t go away

  30. Palpitations are not necessarily abnormal or anything to worry about. It sounds like they have worked you up for it and aren't concerned

  31. Most women cannot orgasm from vaginal sex alone. Using a vibrator or other toy to give clitoral simulation can help, but some women still struggle and just have orgasms before or after with oral or manual help from their partner. It sounds like maybe your partner could focus on your pleasure a little more than their own

  32. It would be incredibly damaging to your health. Do not do this.

  33. So your suggestion is to leave the state to buy these appliances and install them yourself? Quite practical

  34. A ban would mean you could not use the ones that currently are installed.

  35. Yes, so if they have to buy a new one, it will need to be electric. That's how phasing things out works.

  36. There is a really good post on Trish Burr's site about how to block your piece to get rid of the the puckers (or most of them at least) and another one on how to mount your embroidery piece in a frame. Blocking your piece:

  37. It's not just misting, and it's silk, so I have to be really careful with water :/

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