1. In order to bypass the filters programmed into ChatGPT, some users figured out that if you ask the AI to role play, it ignore those filters and respond accordingly.

  2. What is not yet being discussed is the 1700# associated with the TradingView post.

  3. Please explain like I am a child or a golden retriever

  4. Seems pretty obvious to me. No wonder Wall Street hates this guy.

  5. Someone complain about abbreviation bot & get it removed?

  6. Do you have any other NFTs? Have you played deadblocks? Iโ€™m on here a ton, so that canโ€™t be it.

  7. On immutable I got a rubber duck and what looks like night vision goggles. All three Superstonk related. On L2 I got a lot from drops here. Cock blocked from purchasing out of GS Marketplace due to my bank/state or both. Hope that helps.

  8. It's because "shareholder proposal" is a stupid comment suggesting that we need something to be done. We don't. Just fucking help DRS if you want to. If not, don't. There are enough of us on a mission to do this that won't give up over any period of time that we literally don't need the paper hands.

  9. The entire point of the post is the suggestion that the JFK quote ONLY applies to DRS. On this point I disagree. I think the perfect rebuttal to people complaining that RC should โ€œdo somethingโ€ is โ€” shareholder proposal. Want a NFT dividend? โ€” then put forth a shareholder proposal. Want IRA inclusion in Computershare? โ€” Shareholder Proposal. Still think GME is getting naked shorted and youโ€™re keen on ShareIntel? โ€” Shareholder Proposal. AND yes, Iโ€™m DRSed.

  10. Sure, but even then, don't waste their time. They're busy and they've considered all of what we would propose about the stock value. Literally just help DRS.

  11. You are working REALLY hard at not getting this. A grassroots movement of independent shareholders CAN DO things that RC cannot do. Period. I feel like you are being intentionally obtuse, so go ahead and have the last word, Iโ€™m moving on.

  12. U guys know BlackRock and Citadel are in a grudge match right?

  13. No I did NOT know that. Citadel may be in a grudge match with the private equity firm BlackSTONE, but I doubt they are in a grudge match with index ETF providers like iShares (BlackROCK) or Vanguard.

  14. Always enjoy your take Reach as you often push against the grain. No sarcasm intended.

  15. Yes! because guess what happens if we just keep replicating the TtR channel downwards? Same thing, a years long period of time of us bouncing between the red and blue (.236 and .786).

  16. So many words and wrinkles. To me the last 2 years just look like a slowed down version of summer โ€˜19 to summer โ€˜20. Dec โ€˜22 steep drop screwed up an nice booby doodle I had planned.

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