Looks Like the Tide is Finally Going Out....Time to See Who’s Naked: Docket Item 390: Exhibits D-F

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  1. Tl dr summarize what's inside?

  2. There’s one tweet by Elon Musk that’s been bothering me. The “Checkmate” Tweet

  3. Things are so quiet while we're waiting for the horse to reveal itself. Looks like we ran out of tinfoil. Happy about price increase though.

  4. There has never been a better time not to sell than now

  5. Companies are owned by shareholders. Would shareholders agree with those messages?

  6. Section 351 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) deals with the tax treatment of transfers of property to a corporation in exchange for its stock. It allows individuals or entities to contribute property, such as cash, assets, or securities, to a corporation in exchange for stock without recognizing any immediate taxable gain or loss.

  7. Guys, if GameStop launches the GMERICA this year and they'll announce a conglomerate of other brands in it like baby, blockbuster, and others, I'll be impressed. And I'm not easily impressed.

  8. pull up the 5y chart. I'm smooth AF, but even I can recognize a trend reversal when I see one

  9. what price must we close above today for this to be the 3rd day in a row above the LOI? Please post daily on this, if we're above the line price wise.

  10. you'll feel much better and flexible within a month of doing 3-4 yoga workouts a week. People here seem to say it takes years to achieve the flexibility some yogis have, like splits, and others, this is true. But takes much less to see some positive improvements that will make you keep going.

  11. Still way to go till ~40$ for me to break even

  12. Sucker. I can lose money faster.

  13. You know I like RC tweeting less. Then when he speaks, his words have more meaning. I like Pulte seems nice dood but too much hype make his words cheap. Maybe he's really excited and can't wait for us to know. I hope that is.

  14. Don't see this as a good thing. Looks like more bid may come. What if hedgies needed more time to place a bid

  15. Hold on. Are you saying that banks brokers also in the dark of that the tso is? And if they try to buy shares to cover shorts they'll get over 4.5% meaning they weren't allowed to purchase without bbby approval? I don't fully get this, but this could potentially expose the black hole of corruption it seems?

  16. Yes! They'll redact names and whatnot but we should still get to see how many shares are out there.

  17. When we'll get the lists by?

  18. All records as of bk filing date will be?

  19. I thought otc doesn't have premarket and ah?

  20. $80 is not a meme after all?

  21. If that is actually 4.5% owners then we are in business and OP is correct about the float being tiny.

  22. Why are you making the assumption they only hold 4.5 ? They could hold anything above that

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