Bungie, can you seriously stop making this season so painfully unfun?

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  1. More like bot accounts get created faster than they can take them down

  2. Armor looks fine. Don't understand why so many people bitch about it

  3. Still hard to believe this argument when DC is 6-19-1. This is a game where everyone values wins and losses the most. Fact is, Caldwell had the best record of a Detroit coach in decades.

  4. If Caldwell is such an amazing coach, why has nobody hired him as HC since he was fried from the Lions...?

  5. The playtime stats are misleading. Of course clash has a low turnout,it comes up once every like 7 weeks. I hate the rotating list. If it contains something you enjoy you have to wait forever and then hope it does not coincide with IB or a weekend you want to play trials.

  6. You've grossly misinterpreted the chart and it shows

  7. We just had a game of IB against aimbotters shooting us through walls. Fun stuff

  8. You're definitely missing out on the fully experience by not playing with others. Raids and Dungeons are by far the most fun PvE activities and offers some of the best and unique loot in the game.

  9. The classic "I haven't played this live service game in 4 years and am now confused the game has changed " post

  10. They don’t think the constitution should extend to POC.

  11. So the Confederate Constitution had a whole clause saying that POC do have the same rights as the white man and any law attempting to give them such rights would be unconstitutional. They're basically in the Civil War mindset

  12. The only raids that have a true power requirement are Vow of the Disciple and Kings Fall. All other raids currently available (Last Wish, Garden of Salvation, Deep Stone Crypt, Vault of Glass) are "legacy" and set to base power.

  13. Legit thought i was looking at a screenshot for a second. Awesome work!

  14. People like destiny enough to switch consoles over a controller? Lol.

  15. The controllers he listed are cheating devices. So yea some people are scummy and can only win by cheating

  16. Looks kinda like the Persian "Immortals" as depicted in the movie 300. Could be decent with the right shader.

  17. Funny you should mention that as the sets were inspired by the ancient Persians armor

  18. Is it really worth further investing in your PS4? I'd probably focus on saving up for a PS5 instead of putting more money into an aging console

  19. If you do your 3 per week per character for the BD bounty, that's 9 per week. Feels a lot less tedious that way

  20. Haven't seen it on here but some people harassed and sent death threats to Bungie/Destiny 2 devs to the point where they significantly reduced their communication.

  21. Had a boomer at work tell me in January that food supply chains would likely be completely shut down by March for up to 4 to 6 months. Told me I should stockpile non perishables. I’ve been tempted many times to ask him what happened, but then I remember that I’d really rather just not talk to him unless it’s absolutely required for work.

  22. My sister in law said the same thing to me and my wife. Sucks when family gets sucked into the madness

  23. To this day I am still surprised they never came back

  24. They did it with Rise of Iron. I would not be totally surprised.

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