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  1. Why is it necessary to export this hate to countries outside of US?

  2. Couldn't be me lol I like to know what I look like plus I need them. At worst you just look the same as you always did tbh.

  3. Yeah, I know that my body didn't change, but somehow, looking at it hurts more now.

  4. Yeah, I did that for a long time.. VR is great for exploring your identity, but be careful that your physical life doesn't deteriorate in favor of virtual life. 🫠

  5. I killed BT-5 in a 7.7 match It was ACCIDENT, I just saw something moving and I shot. I didn't realize it was cute little BT-5 until it was too late.

  6. Ayyy, at least someone knows who he is

  7. Hey, what if trans people start saying "Save the Earth" on every social media. Then, people on the fence on trans issues will be less likely to see us as villains.

  8. He is trying his best okay? At least turn off 1 level of your shields so he feels better.

  9. Low BR you also get bombed by planes constantly. It’s so incredibly annoying

  10. You spawn because you think you have a chance of victory. I spawn because I don't care about repair costs and require violence. We are not the same.

  11. Just to clarify, I'm talking about ground battles and those bombers killing my teammates

  12. Tomatoes a fruit, so it's female, bitches get stitches!

  13. Fruits are female? So.. vegetables are male?

  14. Why is everyone beating around the bush and not talking about the real issue? I think it's obvious the tomato snitched.

  15. Matilda is a name of a TANK, so I vote Matilda.

  16. Moving your eyes slightly to the right

  17. not adults, men. They are in a hurry to become men

  18. Yep, precisely :) I just wasn't able to articulate it this way while in school.

  19. I like this example with left-handed people.

  20. Assuming the diagnosis is correct

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