He’s been playing games on my iPad since he was a kitten. He’ll come up and just start swiping at it when he’s bored. Guess who just bought me this Indonesian mask in a live, swipe-to-bid, no bid confirmation or cancellations, online auction. He’s so proud.

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  1. Beanies, the fringe of my hair, pastel-colored clothes, soft music, country music for some reason, being called by my name, being perceived as anything other than my AGAB, getting an appointment to change my name, being closer and closer to getting HRT :)

  2. Purralegal Gamora completely agrees with you. You have a very strong case for Litterbox Deception and Entrapment here. Why, this looks precisely like a litter box, and is even filled with an excellent, clean, absorbent, biodegradable, non-toxic litter. What feline purrson in their right mind wouldn't want to use such an attractive litterbox? This is clearly entrapment and she will be happy to take your case for a share of the extra treats*.

  3. Hooman is so deceived, I don't just put my royal poops anywhere. They should be grateful, plus the rice felt nice on my toe beans! :3

  4. Not your fault! You're just following the law "if I fits, I shits."

  5. The litterbox - which hooman says is tray, not litterbox (lies) - was very shinies and I had to do my divine given duty to fill up evurry litterbox in the house!

  6. I don't think so, most EU governments just have copay programs, where the state pays for part of the treatment and you pay for the rest. Still, it makes it way cheaper than buying it through private healthcare.

  7. Orange! You is very cutes, but no chonks for you! Orange cattos need to get a braincell before getting chonker-certified. I suggest staying fits and meowing at your meowners for INFINITE FOODS, that's a good deals, chonky cats don't keep their nine lives :3

  8. oh come on! stop the misinformation, it's well known that's its one braincell shared among all of them, apparently it's a smart one when in use.

  9. The Braincell works in misterious ways, all praise the braincell!

  10. I mean, he is right. But he shouldn't use that fact to dismiss his country's mistakes, that's not a very humble thing to do, and not very muslim of him, pretty arrogant.

  11. Oh sham, sham! Hooman must pawse, must ceases and desists right meow! Dis is unawcceptables, unmeowsables, prepawsterous. THEY DIDS EXPERIMENTS ON KITTY AGAINST KITTY'S CONSENT?

  12. Instructions to assemble this

  13. Oh sham, sham! Neglected kitty for furr has a case! If hoominz no want kitty to have treatos why buy treatos? If kitty can't have unlimited tratos why have treatos at all?

  14. That's a whole batch of rising dough! A whole bakery! :3

  15. didnt the guy just lose the case, i dont think pepsi sued them

  16. Pepsi did sue, and the court ruled in favor of Pepsi

  17. I mean, I guess if he's the son of god then then everything is possible? But that's beyond the point, just don't be a creep and don't use religion to justify your morally derranged compass, Jesus was a middle-eastern jewish man, period.

  18. They are evolving! Soon their chonk will take over the world!

  19. MEOWMY CALLED YOU DA FATS? She said you is fatty! Slander, lies, libels yes! You is regal kitty baby, and just fine, yes you are! We will file a suings at a court of paw to declare you as very hungies, that way you can has infinite loafs of bread :3 And meowmy will have to pay your weights (definitely not chonky at all) in wet foods :3

  20. Sorry, but the advice is to not bind at all during exercise for your safety. If you do, it could result in issues that mean not being able to bind at all for a long while. A sports bra is of course okay. Avoid the kind that have the zipper in front, as those tend to lift rather than flatten. Wear whatever top most hides your chest. Non-geometric patterns and diagonal stripes can help distract from your chest if you have any sorts like that you can wear to work out. Maybe if you have a light workout jacket, you can wear that too and leave it unzipped, as layers can help distract from your chest, too. Finally, if you have bright, bold patterned leggings, that'll keep attention on those.

  21. The funny thing about this is it can be read both ways 😂

  22. Sham! Sham! Sham! Kitty is being neglected and starved, we will sues hooman for no-haz-cheezburgerings and other very shamful crimez! Regal kitty like you deserves all the goodness, hooman failed to provide. SHAM!

  23. Praise be! All hail Sun Cat, all-loving, all-providing, giver of light! MEOW-MEN!

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