1. Gonna add, Biel Tan broke into pieces and they still work.

  2. What about the imperium makes them the good guys

  3. That's kinda grimderp tbh, ditching an elite and decorated soldier just because he didn't particularly like people paste.

  4. Stuff like this happens in fascist countries. 40k imperium is a parody of these countries. It fits fine.

  5. Where’d you get the paper scrolls and candles from?

  6. ADL are a bitch made terrorist organization that can suck the proverbial dick

  7. I don’t mean politics - cause that’s not rlly where 40k thrives - but if ur not looking into the “deeper meaning” of the setting at ALL in any capacity, like what each faction or character represents, you are kinda robbing yourself because the parallels to real life can be pretty cool. But that’s just my opinion, everyone can enjoy it how they want.

  8. 8 skulls on him - that’s khornes number, nice touch

  9. Holden is THE most unlikable protagonist in all of literature. Seriously.

  10. Marvel-brained take that a character has to be likable to be well written.

  11. Militarum Tempustus Regiment 111, the “Marine Hunters” of the Ordo Astartes:

  12. Black would look nice, but a bone color would also probably look really cool.

  13. Very nice. Did you use oils for the grime?

  14. Its like 99 percent stippling, no oils. I basecoated everything in rhinox hide (super dark brown) drybrushed the whole model silver to make the trim, cleaned the panels back up with dark brown. Then I stippled khorne red on everything except the outer parts of the panel, then wazdaka red in the very middle for highlights. It’s pretty easy but a little time consuming.

  15. Overall finish looks a bit too chalky in my eye. And you could add some fine-script writing and symbols across the armor.

  16. Kinda struggling with adding symbols and script, it always comes out to big. Any tips?

  17. Defenitely something we never heard before lol

  18. Do you really think anyone gives a fuck enough to post a fake story on a fucking reddit page?

  19. If that's what you need to tell yourself that's ok, the fact remains that the Jewish community in the US are doing ok and the black community still are treated like shit.

  20. Can I ask, what’s your religion?

  21. I don't have one religions are fucking cancer to this world.

  22. Kim Jong Un is an atheist. Why are you not holding people in your community accountable?

  23. For the Phoenix lords - it’s not probably, it’s definitely. They’re around primarch level.

  24. A cool unique faction like the tau? Too bad, now it’s Spash Murines

  25. Emperor shouldn’t be a god, he should just be dead. Also, don’t bring back loyalist primarchs.

  26. Random low tech agri world. Part of a chaos space hulk splits off and lands on the planet, and there’s just cultist onboard, with equally low tech but maybe one or two lasguns. Village fights off band of chaos cultists, make it weird and trippy and scary.

  27. Craftworld Eldar - cool aesthetics and a cool lesson to be learned from the faction.

  28. Like five active demon primarchs, an immortal silent queen, hive fleet leviathan breathing down the bangles necks, and the galaxy's butthole just got a massive anal fissure ripping both ways down the equator.

  29. The whole point is that the Imperium is outnumbered, and all the good guys are dead and the bad guys are immortal. It isn’t some marvel 5v5 showdown.

  30. I would somehow try to change the dumbass rule that humanity cannot invent new technology or improve upon old technology. The empirium might win if they can survive in their own galaxy long enough. Because golden age levels of weaponry would be DEVASTATING.

  31. The whole point of the imperium is that it’s backwards and regressive, and stagnant. Taking away that would just make it another bland sci fi human empire.

  32. Yes but counter argument. Titans that stand 2 km tall shooting minature blackholes at a giant tyranid infestation would just be cool to see/read. I know the impirium is meant to be like this but this is something I would want to change just to see what would happen to the setting.

  33. If you want super duper advanced stuff, just look at Craftworlds or Drukhari or Necrons.

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