1. Since my mum died 2 years ago I cry everyday. I miss her like crazy. She was an amazing woman who deserved more out of life but never complained. Her loss doesn’t get any easier.

  2. I'm very sorry about your loss. I hope you feel better, and be strong, because our mother is in a better place.

  3. This template has 100% ultimate bonehurtingjuice potential

  4. Animation? Honestly not really. The art direction is top notch, but animation wise it's subpar. Very chonky and very static movements all the time, to serve its unnecessarily long character narratives.

  5. Sir that seems so amazing, can't wait to try it, thx a lot

  6. Just so everyone knows, this video in particular had overlapped effects added on the animations. Murata's animation posted on twitter is less 'moldier'

  7. How would these hills even be implemented into real life anyways

  8. As opposed to floating islands and literal hell less than a mile underground?

  9. You can visualize how those two aspects look like in real life, hell being hell with lavas and shit, floating island also very simple.

  10. Yeah, but they have two brains, two nervous systems, two hearts, two sets of lungs…I think one could still be fine after the other dies, assuming the other gets removed 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. They only control half of each side, I don't assume one can live normally without the other, if they can survive that is.

  12. I can't disagree with this. But I don't care what OP does with their time either.

  13. What a weird question. I can literally say toothpaste in this vague question.

  14. Zero is very rare honestly, everyone at least gets 2 marks

  15. There's a difference. If used insultingly, it could imply someone who is socially maladjusted, physically unfit, has bad hygiene. Basically, whatever they're obsessive/enthusiastic about coming at the detriment of everything else.

  16. Vaguely I remember seeing this 25 times already

  17. Yo mama so fat you could never scroll away from her picture

  18. If terraria lighting is more vibrant and detailed, this would be even more phenomenal.

  19. When you're productive enough to draw yourself not being exactly productive

  20. I noticed why I hated these "Facebook deep messages success pictures" kinda posts now.

  21. That's what makes me wonder. I don't think anyone argued about 'Age Difference' as OP stated. The more common debatable point was LP's previous guardian/sibling relationship with knight beforehand.

  22. I hope they don't make another season achievement right after this. Makes rewards invaluable.

  23. I hate everything about this. I know it’s a common practice in a lot of industries, and I hate everything about this.

  24. I didn't know about this and I also hate shit like this. Unethical, wasteful.

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