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  1. My orange tabby is Mochi and I honestly love it. I noticed that Mochi is becoming more popular on pet naming sites, but I've yet to encounter any pet named that around here. The nickname of "Mo"/"Momo" is cute without being saccharine sweet.

  2. Aw my pups are Haiku and Mochi! And actually, Haiku became Haiku because people couldn’t pronounce her initial name (Heiki) haha she gets a lot of compliments on it now

  3. Thank you so much for the info! We’re definitely not the clubbing/ binge drinking people. More looking for unique bars, fun local shops, and good food. All these sound great!

  4. If you like jazz, make sure to check out the Elephant Room!

  5. Torchy’s is in a different taco category than typical SA spots, but we could use a Mama Margie’s up here

  6. Is anyone going to the playoff game Sunday that will no longer be using their ACL Wk2 Sunday wristband? Trying to head down after the game to catch the last part of the day!

  7. Hi! Looking for 3 tickets to the RSL game tonight, preferably a lower level section.

  8. Hi! Looking for 3 tickets for the LAFC game, preferably seated near the supporter section. Live very close to stadium so open to very last minute tickets but willing to pay up to $125 each today

  9. I’m hosting a vintage clothing pop up in my yard on the east side. What’s the best way to spread the word about the event? Do 512, event bright …. I want to get the word out. Also i’ve talked to my neighbors and they are cool we I live next door to a restaurant and share a fence with a car wash so won’t disturb them much.

  10. Not sure how much traffic you are trying to get but tbh I find out about events like this on Instagram. It won’t be free but I’d try reaching out to some Austin based influencers (hate that word, but if you Google austin based female influencers you’ll see a good article/list!) I personally follow rachellately and have found her insta helpful for events/ideas. Also, nextdoor is worth a shot!

  11. I still regularly miss Freddie’s Place. Something for everyone and we’d be getting $1 frozen margaritas this week on these 100+ degree days

  12. Bowling at Highland (get a burger at Lebowski grill there) then Pinballz after

  13. Hello! Wanted some apartment suggestions from people who already live there!

  14. I used to live at Windsor Ridge, very close to Domain and they have some first floor units with yards (also a dog park).

  15. I was on Mopac/45 near Round Rock last night at 10:30 and saw a large spotlight shining (from the ground) to the East of us. Light seemed to be coming from 45/I35 intersection maybe farther out east. Anyone know where it was coming from or what it was for?

  16. Solved! Though it seems there is not an official name and Caesar isn’t exactly accurate, this is the term I remember hearing (Texas). Thank you!

  17. Has anyone gotten a hand-sized clutch into the stadium for Austin FC game? Any tips? I might be overthinking this but I'm confused.

  18. I’ve taken a fanny pack and also a small cross-body purse and both got in fine. The purse was actually a bit bigger than 8x5x1 (I completely forgot about bag requirements until I got in line) so it does seem to depend on who’s working your line

  19. Any good patio recommendations in North Austin (outside of the domain) where I can get a good margarita and huge plate of nachos? Or a patio resembling the old Freddie’s Place?

  20. Wow. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

  21. Mueller has really grown on me. Wasn’t a fan when it first started going up and it does feel a little manicured/squished at times but I always enjoy taking a book/my dog there and find myself still making the trip on weekends after moving to North Austin from the east side. I think it will get even better over time.

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