1. Cats - even the seniors - are incredibly resilient. It sounds like you are doing everything right as far as a space. Just give her time.

  2. Freeze dried chicken is what I use, it's not exactly cheap but it does stay good for quite a while.

  3. oh yes you can get purebites on Amazon pretty cheaply! This is an amazing idea I hadn't even thought of!

  4. Improvement has to be encouraged, and we're proud you understood what's better for your little companion!

  5. Sorry - not a therapist, but I have been weirdly stalked via internet information before (someone contacted my employer, my husband's employer, it was a total mess). I wanted to throw out there that it may be worth it to look into services for scrubbing your internet presence/personal info on the internet. Just out of an abundance of caution.

  6. I haven't used one - primarily because my internet presence is substantial, and I needed to be somewhat of a public figure for my job. So, I don't want to steer you the wrong way. (I just know of others who have used them successfully, but I don't know who they used.) But maybe someone else here has or there may be other reddit forums to ask.

  7. I have my winter white in a 40 gal breeder! I do tons of enrichment stuff (multiple substrates, hides, sprays/herbs, a flat rock for some surface differences, underground hideouts to find when he burrows), add random little things all the time (like new herbs or chews), scattering the seeds for foraging, etc. Plus lots of bedding as he loves burrowing. He does not try to escape or show any stress behavior, so I think he's pretty happy.

  8. This pic is triggering some sort of phobia in me lol

  9. Where'd you find that mix? I like the ingredients

  10. I see lots of opinions here, missed most of the convo, but I did start looking at other foods especially since Pepper doesn't seem to want the bugs (except I think he ate the mealworms). I'll probably change what I feed after I finish what I have since my research led me to some tasty looking food options, so I appreciate the nudge to look more. And I'll try scrambled egg for him. So far, I can't seem to find anything besides seeds he actually wants to eat lol. I've got some dill and clover sprouts to try next - just trying to give him some natural foraging experience.

  11. I am so incredibly sorry that this happened to you. I understand you do not want to take legal action, but I highly encourage you to report to his licensing board. That will not cost you and money. I suggest reaching out to the Therapy Exploitation Link Line (TELL) group; they are a wonderful resource who gave me a lot of support through my reporting process and beyond.

  12. I don't really understand much about the whole "incel" thing...or why they call it "incel" as if not "being able to find someone to have sex with" says something about a person?

  13. I was diagnosed in middle school, put on meds, and became a straight-A student overnight. Graduated high school with honors. Did not use medication in college. Did OK, graduated with well-enough GPA. Just started meds again this year at the age of 35 as having 2 kids (at least one with her own special needs) pushed me beyond my coping skills. It made my life a million times better overnight. Just allows me to stay in my window of tolerance so much more.

  14. I'm a technical writer at a DevOps vendor, so probably not your target audience, but my hobbies include being a mom......(jk that's my second job) my actual hobbies are basically animals. So many animals. Currently obsessed w/ hamsters and decorating my hamsters' cages. But also I foster cats, so lots of behavioral work with foster cats.

  15. Forth Fourth...(I can spell) is the "I've been abused by a therapist before, and if I'd paid attention to what I'd found on the internet about him, I could've saved myself a bunch of trauma, but I was too fucking ashamed at having Googled him, so I stayed and was abused for 3 years, and now I'm going to Google the shit out of you before I even decide to work with you without apology, and if your ex-wife has a whole ass blog about how you abandoned your severely abused (edit: disabled) child when you also just told me that you don't have children at all, I'm gonna listen to that red flag."

  16. Intuitive eating is all about not hurting your body. Your body is literally telling you "not that, it hurts!"

  17. You might want to also read about limerence, as this very much sounds similar to that as well.

  18. What's he sitting in? It's cute I want one.

  19. It's a woven tube hide thing I found on clearance at Petsmart. There may be some in stores still, but I don't see it on their site anymore

  20. Oh also this is the shallow end. I can’t put more on this end or the wheel hits the lid. There’s 10 inches on the other 2/3 of the enclosure

  21. HART is Homeless Animals Rescue Team - another NoVA rescue

  22. I didn't realize you were a NoVA foster too! How has the pup/cat relationship been going?

  23. What am I supposed to do if she's already hiding. As I said, I have only seen her once since she got here, and that's when I opened the door, and she took off running. She's hiding under the nightstand. I didn't think she could fit. She is a little on the heavier side.

  24. so, start by blocking off all of the other hiding places while she's under there and then creating more controlled hiding spaces (like a box house). She's likely to move spaces when you are not around - so maybe take a shopping trip to give her some time to move spots. Then, you can block off the nightstand.

  25. That's ok :) the only way to learn is through experience! You'll have lots of that after this!

  26. That egg carton is an amazing idea, and I"m gonna do that.

  27. Picture 5 is not a hamster. It is merely a ball of fuzz with eyes.

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