1. If you have an iPhone, it will alert you that there is an AirTag that isn’t registered to you following you, and pretty quickly at that. Sometimes I accidentally take my husbands keys, and by the time I get to the grocery store and back, it has let me know that an AirTag is following me. I’m assuming OP and OP’s girlfriend and everyone else who has ever been in their car do not have iPhones.

  2. I didn’t either until we got AirTags!

  3. If your tub is an odd size and it is cast iron? I predict you will not be able to replace it with something comparable. Maybe a plastic tub which will look fresh and white but is not at all comparable to the cast iron for retaining heat. I don’t even think you can buy a cast Iron tub new. It will also be a big job to remove the mortar bed behind that tile. This would be something I would not do DIY with decades of DIY experience…

  4. You’ll have to explain what steps you’re taking so we can tell where you went wrong. I’ve used rice cookers most of my life and switched to an Instant Pot with the same results. It’s literally the same process.

  5. They also need to explain what kind of rice they are trying to cook. Short grain is going to cook differently than basmati or glutinous rice.

  6. She’s already been in multiple lawsuits for her claims.

  7. I was wrong. It wasn’t for her claims, but for

  8. Oh, the best I’ve ever used, by FAR, was Weleda Diaper Creme. Just magical.

  9. I second this! But it has chamomile… so good based I guess? It really is the best though.

  10. I found it on the German version of Craigslist. I was actually the first one to view the listing because it had only been up for 2 minutes.

  11. eBay Kleinanzeigen is amaaaaaaazing. I got so much furniture for so cheap from it. It really seems like MCM is not as sought after in most of Germany (save for the big cities) as it is in other countries.

  12. I came here for this comment! My dream is to have one of the old Güttermann ones

  13. I would count paid parental leave as functional childcare- through the government, not through employer. States like CA have it, Colorado just created it. Paying a parent to stay home and be the primary childcare provider for X months of life.

  14. I know this was not the question, but paid parental leave is how it’s done for infants (generally speaking) in Germany. Yes, there is free or highly supplemented price childcare (like paying $200/month for lunches only) for infants, but most people don’t utilize it until at least a year because the paid parental leave is so long (12 months for one working parent or 14 months split between two working parents). A lot of parents are also discouraged from joining daycares by the daycare workers if they believe that the infant is too young.

  15. Lots of good suggestions here, but I’d like to add that you should be mindful of your posture, especially when holding baby. It’s easy to stand leaning slightly back with your pelvis pushed forward and your butt squeezed, which can contribute to a flat butt even if you have muscle. Check out the Belle Method on Instagram, she has lots of information about it!

  16. Yes, I want to second this! My butt actually got plumper and firmer after having a baby, and I’m not super committed to working out (I live vicariously by y’all on this sub). The things that helped me were

  17. Seconding everyone else thus far but in the future eggs are definitely not something you should be cooking in a cast iron pan. Even in a regular pan, if the bottom isn’t properly greased, clean up can be hell.

  18. You can definitely cook eggs in the cast iron. Just use enough heated oil to create a nonstick surface. A dry or low oil cast iron is gonna create sticking.

  19. That’s pretty much exactly what I said lmao. With any pan you have to use enough grease to create a nonstick surface. Eggs are even tricky with nonstick pans!

  20. Oh, maybe I misunderstood you. I was responding to this part:

  21. Yep, I keep frozen cookie dough balls in the freezer and pop one in the oven at the end of the day. No need for a giant baking tray when you can use a cute tiny one.

  22. Is flat feet really from lack of support? I feel like I’ve read multiple possible reasons and since I have super flat feet myself and tons of ankle injuries over the years I’d love to try to help avoid that for my kid.

  23. No, flat soles are very important for kids until age 6 or so. All toddlers have flat feet, so they don’t need arch support, and it’s not good to try to shape them with arches.

  24. Just saying, the comments here about the chinese communist party are very much giving “ChInA vIrUs” and I don’t really think the tone is a good one. You can just say you don’t use/trust social media - but ope, here you are!- instead of adding a hint of xenophobia.

  25. Not disagreeing, but want to point out its Sinophobia, not Xenophobia. Xenophobia is a general prejudice against people from other countries. Sinophobia is China specific.

  26. Reward is more likelihood of natural, interrupted birth. Birth is hormone driven process and that drive to and admission to hospital halts the progress due to stress and unfamiliar environment of hospital. Nowhere is the pregnant person more comfortable than home.

  27. I’m not disagreeing with you, but I just want to point out that a lot of people feel triggered by the use of “natural birth” in regards to unmedicated, vaginal births. The argument is that all births are natural, regardless of method.

  28. I feel like it needs to be said that her children's lead exposure happened during a specific event -- a contractor used a blowtorch to remove paint at their home, and the children inhaled the fumes, exposing them to a large amount of lead. It's incredibly tragic. However, she kind of leads you to believe her children got lead poisoning from everyday objects, and that this sort of thing could happen to your kids too. More realistically, we should be aware of the dangers around remodeling older homes.

  29. Yes, I’m so glad this was said somewhere in this thread. It’s incredibly tragic what happened to her kids, and to others’ kids too, but the biggest culprit of lead poisoning is living in an older home with chipping lead paint that gets ingested in some way or another (paint on door or window trims or anywhere with regular friction turning to dust; the trim being chewed on; remodels; lead paint on house exteriors that collect in the soil; leaded gas from old vehicles dripping onto soil; etc).

  30. I have made flax seed gel, it worked but mine went rancid so fast. How do you keep it from going rancid?

  31. You can make a big batch and freeze in an ice cube tray for single servings. I used to do this but also found it way too cumbersome.

  32. For me, it's less about judgment and more whether I would feel comfortable using my GPs. Like would the hypothetical child have my personality or a more outgoing one that is open to conversations/corrections about their name?

  33. I’d love to hear more of your guilty pleasure names. I actually named my first one of your GP names, am expecting a girl, and need inspo!

  34. Would you recommend a finex over a vintage griswold or something similar? I mean so long as you’re paying hundreds.

  35. If you put a few squirts of a normal soap on the bath as it’s filling (we use a Gaia baby one) and agitate the water with your hand it will create some bubbles. They disappear quicker than actual bubble bath but the sight of the bubbles is enough to entice my toddler into the bath.

  36. I heard from someone who used to work at Lush that using super super hot water helps make a ton of bubbles. If you’re committed to making lots of bubbles, I would try that and then add cold water until you’re at the right temp.

  37. I hear you so hard on the baby clothes soap and scented diapers. When I smelled dreft for the first time I was shook that it’s marketed as a baby detergent. I hold my breathe in the laundry detergent/cleaning aisle at the store.

  38. My in-laws use metal on nonstick, and they say it’s ok because they “don’t scrape.” I also cringe every time, and I’ve told them how bad it is but they also don’t seem to care about stopping. They even boil water in a nonstick pot. Like… the pasta is floating in a sea of water. You don’t need nonstick for that.

  39. Ooh really love the idea of leaning into japandi. I could see it. Any suggestions for a countertop color? Maybe a green stone for a tearoom look but don’t want it to go out of style

  40. That is beautiful! I was trying to imagine a counter that fits with japandi style and all I could think of was a pinkish tan, but you nailed it. this would be perfect and then the walls could be painted or tiled in the evergreen that traditionally goes with japandi.

  41. I’m glad I could help! You can find the granite by googling “Coast Green Granite India”, but here is

  42. In our house with pine and spruce floors, and a dog, we ONLY use soap scrubbing. That’s a literal translation of såpskura so it’s probably not correct but the method is this:

  43. thanks, ill get some scrap fabric n try all this out to see what i like best.

  44. I recommend doing it on jersey, bc that’s what you’ll most likely be dyeing if you dye t shirts. Sweatshirts are usually terry of some sort, but the presenting side is very similar to jersey.

  45. This sweatshirt started camel colored. I wanted to do a reverse dye with the glitch fold, but I added too much OWB and almost all the camel came out. It was also too thick to complete the glitch fold—I was able to fold and pleat in two directions, but not the third diagonal. I still tied it up with synthetic sinew.

  46. I found things changed naturally without me thinking about it. When my daughter started using words I’d say them back at her, and then lead on from there. For example “ka”, “yes that is a car, it’s a blue car. And do you see that car over there? That big white one is called a truck” or similar. It was easier than narrating I thought. It was more like a conversation but very one sided!!

  47. Agreed, this is how I “narrate.” I talk about the things that they show interest in, or that I think they might be interested in. And then I ask questions about it.

  48. Can you explain why it’s unrealistic to talk to your baby? I think I’m misunderstanding what you mean.

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