Gen.G vs. DRX / 2022 World Championship - Semi-Final / Post-Match Discussion

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Black Hawk Down is the best war movie of the past 30 years because it's not preaching a message or giving you war movie cliches. It's literally an all out war movie from start to finish and it puts you in what it's like to be on the front lines.

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  1. Brady was not a special player for his first few super bowls. I'm so tired of seeing this Belichick slander from talking heads when he's the main reason the dynasty started in new england.

  2. Thanks George now back to writing The Winds of FUCKING Winter please 😊

  3. I think people don't get that George hasn't been wealthy until fairly recently. He's a billion years old leave him be he deserves to chill out

  4. Simu is definitely not wrong about how inaccessible Hollywood has been to minority groups for a long time, Tarantino and Scorsese are also definitely accurate in there assessments of the MCU and what MCU "Stardom" actually means (lets face it, no one is going to Shang-chi 2 thinking "damn can't wait to see the next Simu Liu movie).

  5. Those are the wrong two people to use as an example for "gatekeeping". Scorsese actively works on preserving films from across the world with his foundation and tarantino played a big part in Hong Kong cinema gaining a foothold again in the states in the 90s.

  6. Let's be honest. The first one was a very well told classic Greek tragedy, but after that it started becoming violent and edgy for the sake of it. I love 3, but that game was so goddamn stupid. I still enjoyed them immensely, but 2 and 3 were dumb as shit story wise

  7. Chaos marines are infinitely cooler than the fuckin dork ass loyalists so if I liked the space wolves this would be a huge dub

  8. The “real monsters were the humans all along” is very cliche and I think it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that the monsters exist because of humans and are the real victims when a) we know exactly how monsters appeared and it wasn’t humans and b) there are already many oppressed minorities that fit the bill better (elves, dwarfs etc). With the monsters it’s more of a case by case basis which is part of the whole job of witchering I guess

  9. You can say its cliché and dismiss it all you want, but basically every single time Geralt pursues a contract on a monster it ends up being someone in the village/town/city did something extremely fucked up that led to the monster becoming a problem or even existing in the first place. The theme isnt just some twilight zone esque "humans are the real monsters" its that even someone as skilled and powerful as Geralt cant change the world for the better in a meaningful sense by themselves.

  10. Pro athletes are just psychos about this kind of thing. Draymond memorized everyone drafted before him in the nba draft that year and listed them all off like fucking Arya stark. They'll use literally the tiniest slight against them for motivation

  11. People will talk about SpidaLand and passive AD, but the ability of Mobley and Allen to shut off the water in the second half this season has been tremendous.

  12. I don't think it's a stretch to say Cleveland has the best defensive front court in the league. Mobley and Allen complement each other and understand each other's skill sets so well it looks like telepathy sometimes

  13. Ok actual question, has ANYONE died crossing the rubicon? Or is it just "wow so dangerous many people will die" and no examples?

  14. No named characters have died of it that I know of. All the people who died are jobbers to make it look hard

  15. Italy has a huge problem with supporter violence still. So many big ultras groups are connected with organised crime syndicates. And I'm not saying it's any better in Spain, they have their fair share of violence too. It's just a shame to see

  16. I don't know if it's already been done, but I'd love to see or read a journalist piece that traces the histories of the big Italian ultra groups. Would not be shocked if most of them got their starts as Gladio ops

  17. That was nothing compared to Faker 2014. Whole team fell apart completely other than him that year

  18. He's a typical front running punk who can't take the same shit he throws at others. For example, he was a baby back bitch after the 16 Finals where he basically questioned LeBrons manhood in a presser

  19. It can't hear their bigotry over the thunderous roar of 2 UAC 20s

  20. The scene in the bedroom in Hereditary comes to mind. The soft shadows in that scene making it slightly murky in the beginning makes it even creepier when you finally see it.

  21. I know this is the shit post sub but seriously everything post Capital kind of ruined the game for me personally. Haligtree is 100% awful especially.

  22. whoever decided to have that section at the bottom of the elphael section with like 5 revenants back to back is an evil evil person. I wish them nothing but minor inconveniences for the rest of their life

  23. Good. It sucked and was basically shitty fanfic that didn't understand Moores original work

  24. If he's right, why do our win totals never dip to theirs, despite a much stronger conference? Our team is functional, was a 5th seed two years ago, and has never finished lower than fourth from bottom in wins.

  25. You lucked into an incredible CP3 season when he had looked like he was going to be washed from injuries. Annoying as hell when this trade is spun as a move that was made to actually win games.

  26. It was, however, meant to be much more heavily implied that Louis and LeStat were a couple and that the little girl was their adopted daughter. Anne Rice made it directly obvious in the later books, which is why I feel like we probably didn't get a sequel with these guys.

  27. The scene where lestat turned Brad Pitts character is one of the most homoerotic scenes I've ever seen. It wasn't exactly subtle

  28. In the books Rhaenyra dispatched Prince Daemon to seize Ser Vaemond. She had his head removed, and fed his carcass to her dragon, Syrax. But the show makes her look better by having the King denounce him first before Daemon executes him out of his own volition making her seem much less vengeful/culpable. It really feels like they’re going out of their way to make the Blacks be the moral good guys.

  29. How do the blacks come off looking good when they impromptu executed a guy for speaking the truth

  30. 1:00 PM Sunday afternoon block Kirk Cousins is a first ballot HoFamer

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