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  1. My fiance and I talk about anything and everything. We even have this couple's card game called Let's Get Deep that has question prompts that we use sometimes. If we keep recycling the same topics it gets stale, so this helps us break out of conversation ruts.

  2. Hell no. Not a single person on this planet is worth that. If my man ever cheated I'd just walk away. Hell, for a little while his ex was trying her damndest to seduce him back to her and scare me away with her huffing and puffing (they have a kid together so no contact wasn't an option) and had he gone for it I'd have walked and left them to it. He didn't, though. And now that a lot of time has passed she and I have formed a bond and we talk regularly about my stepson and life stuff and whatnot. She just had a baby and I was invited to the shower and I made the baby a blanket and went to the shower.

  3. At first I thought this was perfect for a betta minus the no lid thing. Then I realized it’s a perspective pic and this is a small bowl on a table and not a big pond in the middle of your living room.

  4. Same! I was beginning to dream of a removable glass top secured with spacers for air flow and how badass a fancy goldfish would be in a huge living room pond coffee table 😂

  5. My kid came home from school saying this. I was grateful because I accidentally let a "what the fuck" slip and he latched onto it and I couldn't get him to stop. The school corrected it and I've fixed my at-home language use lol.

  6. NTA is right, but there's a clue here to suggest dad wasn't in the most well adjusted relationship when his wife got sick, so he gets a little slack/benefit of the doubt. Not from OP, but from the rest of us.

  7. Why are you so hell-bent on blaming the woman in this situation? Men are statistically much more likely to leave their female partners when they get sick than the other way around. You can "maybe" all day long with your hypotheticals, but none of us know OP or her family. All we have to go by is the information presented, and the dad specifically stated that he didn't sign up for his wife to have cancer. Often, the simplest answer is the truth- he left because he was a dirt bag who didn't want to be bothered caring for his sick wife or his kids and had to be court mandated to have any contact with his own children.

  8. I personally believe that people shouldn't be doing these cosmetic changes to babies. This also goes for circumcision for boys. It's not medically necessary, it causes pain the babies can't understand or consent to, and for what? Because a lot of people think it looks better?

  9. I certainly wouldn't be sad. But I'd be severely concerned that DeSantis would become the default Republican nominee to run for president and I don't want my country to look like Florida. I'd honestly rather see Trump run from inside prison than DeSantis.

  10. Please tell me he got fired for that. That is absolutely bonkers.

  11. I knew a guy who said his English professor in college had no clue who SK was, but somehow did know about Richard Bachman. I think he had to have been kidding, but the guy believed this professor really had no ide.

  12. Australian here. The only answer is gun control. The rest of the world get it. No offence but we think it is nuts that a country of so many smart people can’t understand that until you have gun control you will always have a problem. My kids will never see a bulletproof backpack, are unlikely to even hear about a mass shooting anywhere in the country and have fire drills still. The rest of the world don’t live like this and nor should you have to do so either. Sending love, strength and the world didn’t end when we got gun control vibes to you all.

  13. The amount of people in my life (American) who constantly argue "it's not the gun, it's the person" and "guns don't kill, people kill" and "criminals will still get guns even if we ban them all" and "the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" and all the other drivel.... It's so discouraging.

  14. Yep, considering my school is very small and it was the same group of faces in every class every day since kindergarten. Some of them I don't recognize since graduation because they've changed a lot, but once they say their name it clicks. My graduating class was maybe 80 people. I only have contact with 2 of them because the rest were largely a bunch of shitbags, and I don't go to reunions.

  15. I don't fear my fiance one little bit. He's kind, empathetic, supportive, works on himself (he just signed up for therapy!), supports women's rights and human rights issues, pulls his weight with the household chores, is an active and engaged dad with our kids. All of the things. Not abusive in the least.

  16. Some tips to help. Teach your kids the correct terms for body parts, not nicknames. Teach them about privacy. Teach the difference between secrets and surprises (a surprise is hiding a birthday gift until the party, surprises have an expiration date, secrets are bad). Don't force kids to hug or kiss family members - let them say no even if Aunt Dotty gets offended.

  17. Jesus. How callous can people get? Here is a parent, grieving the senseless and preventable loss of their child, and some gun nut has to comment on the versatility of the gun?

  18. By GOP logic, you can be a mom by age 10 but to cast a vote you have to 21.. sure.. totally!!

  19. Oh and you can get married at 12 but not divorced until 18 after you're saddled with children you were too young to have.

  20. I think they are planning on going after "No fault divorce" shortly. To make it so much harder to leave these shitty people. If your in a bad marriage, this is your sign to get out asap.

  21. Already got out of the bad one years ago, thankfully. But yeah, that's definitely on the chopping block in some places. Then you have the Nebraska state senator saying that all the aborted babies could be working right now filling vacancies. And some states are rolling back regulations on child labor.

  22. Look into your state's laws regarding the non-custodial parent getting remarried, some states would consider your income. That would be my first guess.

  23. Has anyone reported him to his job? Or the authorities, even? This level of unhinged has to set off red flags for someone. This person clearly needs some kind of intervention before he creates the next Kaylin Gillis.

  24. Just speculating as a run-of-the-mill American, but I wonder if some of the issues with infections in older patients is due to the lack of education of the care givers simply not knowing how to clean under a patient's foreskin? Considering the vast amount of doctors that ignorantly forcibly retract an infant's or young child's foreskin before it's ready and causing damage, it stands to reason that care givers in charge of sponge baths and hygiene in elderly patients are similarly ignorant and simply don't wash them properly.

  25. It seems the vast majority of Qs and their ilk are medical science deniers, too.

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