1. Well thats an intuition you’re trusting, so, honestly its just about your inclination towards negativity or positivity, try to see life in numbers and colors.

  2. I find the concept of birthday kinda stupid tbh.

  3. Yes, Would put money out of the game, and make society have similar ideologies, basically pro empathy. Love everything you’re around with and live for that. Its not hard to do, if we can give value to something imaginary and chase it all our lives, believe me this can be done.

  4. Yeah this is my first job after grad, and I wanted to explore Africa.🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m gonna quit soon.

  5. I ask this question to myself pretty much every morning!!

  6. I think the human race will be endangered by 2030.

  7. My parents separated when i was 14, I started living w my mom and lost her when I was 21. I was in college was totally dependent on my mother for everything had a younger brother who was 17 and had zero connection with my father. For the first few months I just put a lid on my emotions jar and suppressed them like a bitch. Also I was on regular marijuana consumption throughout. Took my time to believe that it has actually happened and I need to do something about it, was never very hard on myself, I made sure that I don’t stop loving myself because I loved my brother so much that I couldn’t play him for my hate for life. I picked up myself completed my college and started working. Work life really helped me because it made me ambitious and productive. Also it always kept me occupied and made me understand how to balance my life by just controlling my emotions and not be controlled by them.

  8. Cocaine and weed, it would be fun to watch the coked up guy lose his shit on the calm of the guy on weed.

  9. It depends a lot on her personally but for what I’ve read here, I feel even if she is giving you the hints that’s just for her to feel good about herself, she has a boyfriend, the inner slut wants to play and even if you end up fucking she will play the blame game later onwards and give you shit to defend her moral compass. If It was for me I’d play around, fuck and forget. But you sound like a good little boy 👦🏼 so I don’t know if you should be playing this game. And the loosing your virginity is a mental thing, it isn’t really that real. So find a more suitable option because this one is a trap for sure. My intuition tells me to suggest you to RUN away from this one. 🏃‍♂️

  10. Tbh just a lot of eye contact will do, if he’s really attracted to you you’ll know. And most importantly just look hot. 🥵

  11. 17 hours a day on the weekends, I’m still doing that just btw.

  12. Showed up to me in a place full of people as a stranger and said “we gotta fucc”.

  13. It doesn’t at all I got multiple profiles 👀

  14. A. Not ask for any advice here. B. Buy a football ⚽️ and go out kick it against the wall maybe.

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