1. Thank you! I was planning to purchase a router and use their modem. I’m currently using their router for my 400 mb internet and it’s serviceable but I would prefer to use my own router.

  2. There are two (or four) ports on their Gateway (fiber modem). Once bridged, one of the ports, typically #1, will be where you would plug in your own router.

  3. Thanks for the replies. I just read in another thread on here that if I am getting 1gig fiber I have to use their gateway (modem/router combo) but if it’s 1gig coax I could use my own equipment. Is this accurate? I just want to make sure I get adequate coverage for my space upstairs as my most important devices will be close to the wifi hub.

  4. Yes, accurate. You might be happy with the WiFi speed and coverage provided by the Optimum gateway. If not, then you can use your own router and just call Optimum to bridge the gateway.

  5. So many of the comments here are out of line. Ask your plumber or electrician buddy their average gross markup on labor and materials. They're likely doing better percentage-wise than car dealers. Some Plumbers are a rip-off just as some car dealers. Ask around. Talk to gear-head friends for a recommendation...

  6. The customer has much more wiggle room now then they had a few months ago but it definitely depends on the vehicle and what selling price is being offered.

  7. Never. Repeat, never tell the dealer how you want to pay until you've got a price in writing,

  8. Exactly, Baldwin is in legal trouble because he's one of the people in charge, and his decisions as a producer contributed to someone getting shot.

  9. He was charged personally, not as the producer.

  10. You can't press charges on a job position. He's getting charged primarily because of his involvement as the producer, not as the actor.

  11. A corporation can be prosecuted for essentially all of the same crimes as individuals and, if proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, convicted of felonies and misdemeanors. - They did not criminally charge the production company.

  12. I’m trying to find it locally since I need it rather quickly

  13. Now you know why people the same age as most mopeds miss Radio Shack.

  14. New York State law gives people a right to record via audio or video on their own property, at their place of work and in public spaces.

  15. Er, cheating on her spouse is definitely wrong. Everyone involved is trashy as hell.

  16. It seems it was consensual (husband knew)?

  17. If they arrived at the stop sign simultaneously. Right of way is 3,1,2.

  18. I don't understand what this has to do with a paint job? I hope they didn't scratch the paint as well!

  19. This is the paint. Its the back gate, the jeep is glossy black

  20. Got it. I hope your insurance covers the repair.

  21. You tuck your breasts into your pants.

  22. I'd give him a high five since I believe that fascism is the philosophy of evil, ignorant people.

  23. I'm amazed people are still doing that shit, I remember a couple guys selling speakers out of a van 40 years ago

  24. It was big on Long Island, NY from 1980 on.

  25. Pretty much have to be a hypocrite to identify as Catholic.

  26. Using their logic then they certainly must be against deporting pregnant undocumented women. Are they now going argue that citizenship doesn't kick in until birth?

  27. Do you really not know the answer? If not, move there.

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