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  1. They could just ask "Do you have absolutely no life at all?"

  2. To the best of my knowledge the transatlantic slave trade (and also to a great extent colonialism) flourished mostly while Europe was under the influence of Mercantilism.

  3. Well no, not inherently. You are talking about capitalist systems proposed by largely liberal thinkers such as Adam Smith. At its core, any system where the means of production is owned by private capitalists instead of the state or some other entity would be capitalism.

  4. India was a shithole under the psuedo communo socialistic agenda under the INC(before 1991). India is a very poor country now, imagine a time when the countries gdp was lower than ITALY. Capitalism and liberalization has greatly improved the lives on the average Indian

  5. Let's colonize a country killing millions and causing Billions to die

  6. Id say donate money, help refugees or shut up. "Awareness" and slacktivism will only lead to neocon talking points and we know how that ends.

  7. This is the first time we've gotten massive international awareness, and trust me, it's helped way more than you'd imagine.

  8. Every drop of international awareness is an increase in the probability of a neocon using it as an excuse to bomb more

  9. And no awareness is an increase in the probability of fascists masss murdering people.

  10. I always see this get brought up and I really feel like those who do have never used it. The battery lasts for over a month of regular use and it takes 2 hours to charge it fully. If you plug it in for 5 mins you get days of use already. The point is that it does not need to be used while charging. Plug it in, go to the washroom or go get some water and by the time you come back you’ll have at least a day of use out of the charge.

  11. the videos are posted the same way in iranian Telegram channels which they definitely monitor. I'm not sure blurring faces would mean that much considering the surveillance state here gets way more accurate information than a 240p video at night.

  12. Well, one of them became a software engineer when he grew up, so there were unintended consequences…

  13. Do they tho? Half of them just "disappeared" for random reasons

  14. What is wrong with people these days? I hear of more and more women ☕ who wish for this or propose it to their partners.

  15. Because Christianity is one of the few cultures anal about monogamy and as its influence is winding down, so are a lot of its cultural norms.

  16. Users are disgusting, wouldn't want anything to do with them. This comment was made by backend gang

  17. From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh bread.

  18. Do you support taxation AND call yourself an anarchist?

  19. You have to make a comment about based stalin throwing kulaks off a helicopter to offset that

  20. Is anarchism necessarily anti-materialist? It's absolutely an optimal system

  21. No. Some people think idealism is when you have ideals.

  22. Written by someone who only knows C++, Python and JavaScript

  23. So, you're saying I'm stuck in the career path of my dreams and I'm paid extremely well at my company. I personally don't see the issue here, Akshit.

  24. Are you telling me that I can be content with my job and not have to change jobs everh other month and I'm paid above industry standard? That sounds like a nightmare!

  25. Figma works pretty well. It's free and is pretty easy to get started. It also has a lot of great tools.

  26. Marx probably would've wanted the production of more pixels.

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