1. Go to a pharmacy with your script and tell them you need a couple days worth of pills. Especially if it’s a chain you’ve filled at before, they’ll give you a few for free. They don’t want you withdrawing either.

  2. I took 0.4 g last week and was fine. Effects weren’t super strong but they were noticeable. As far as I can tell from my research, shrooms affect the brain differently than MDMA/LSD and there is not as much of a risk of serotonin syndrome. I’m planning on taking enough for a full trip in a few weeks.

  3. That’s a legendary way to quit. Btw the anti work subreddit might love this. Although idk what the specific rules are for posting. At any rate props to you for standing up to your boss. Some managers these days think they’re royalty because they are in charge of employees to a degree.

  4. Love insight timer! Great free content, and premium is only $20 a year if you go through subscriptions.

  5. I tapered off of sertraline and onto Effexor. Best decision ever. I had been on sertraline for a few years but was still depressed. I noticed Effexor working way better for me within the first month. 10/10 would recommend the change.

  6. This is more for counseling- Go in with an established aim. Your counselor will let you talk yourself in circles and try to help you to clarify things, that may be good for the first two weeks but sometimes it's a waste of time bouncing back and forth between your thoughts.

  7. Idk how to say this gently so I’ll just say it. Have you considered you might be non-binary or a man? Or are presenting more femme than you want to be, deep down? Maybe you’re hyper fixating on the elements you wish you had.

  8. Hmm to be honest I do always bring up the question in my head when someone I know comes out as non binary but I think my issue is that I have a hard time understanding gender as a whole. It's not something I've ever felt fully capable of wrapping my head around so I tend to just default to whatever people want to call me because it doesn't matter much to me.

  9. You don’t have to worry about labels. Maybe try dressing/presenting more masculine and see how that feels. Gender is a buffet, grab whatever you want!

  10. I’ve had good results with Venlafaxine. Been on it since February and my life has completely changed. Suicidal ideation is nearly gone.

  11. Andrea Gibson, specifically the collection Lord of the Butterflies

  12. My BP has always been low and it is still low after 9 months on Effexor. Currently taking 112.5 mg

  13. Thank you for your response. I appreciate how you really took some time to think about both sides with your own personal experience. I come from a similar background as you. I too believe there could be some merit to fostering a more inclusive culture that draws more people into the movement.

  14. What if, when someone logs a vegetarian meal, the app suggests vegan alternatives for future meals? Or provides a fact about the dairy/egg industry?

  15. I’m trying to eat all the plants so there’s none left for those goddamn animals.

  16. I do this with every beverage except for soda and iced coffee. I can make a bottle of soda last four days.

  17. Frozen food! I stock up on hash browns and “chicken” strips. I get protein and salt (which I need more of) and it’s not much work.

  18. Can’t some vegans get sick from meat? Most long term vegans? Does that extend to cross contamination?

  19. No this does not extend to cross contamination. The “contamination” would have to be an actual piece of meat. A bit of residue or grease will not be enough to make (most) vegans sick.

  20. When done correctly, it’s effortless. The problem is, as you’ve said, due to societal conditioning, unlearning years of bad habits for the sake of survival/acceptance can take a lifetime depending on how long one spent building them to begin with.

  21. Yeah a generous interpretation would be that “effort” refers to the work of throwing out all of the societal conditioning.

  22. So your mom was asexual before she fucked a dude! Welcome her to the LGBTQIA community /s

  23. Weed is my go to when all other calming techniques fail me on my way to a meltdown. It's excellent at stopping that obsessive spiral of worry for me.

  24. It’s my favorite way to recover from a meltdown. I’m able to let go of what was upsetting/overwhelming me and just, be.

  25. I use a Vessel and it’s a huge step up from the cheap gas station/dispensary 510 batteries. Not much more expensive when there’s a sale, but way more reliable and smooth.

  26. Where did you manage to find this?

  27. Maybe this medication makes me dumber and that’s why I’m happier.

  28. Well damn 🥴, This is why I was put on effexor in the first place because I have zero motivation go even brush my hair or clean my house. I just cant do it having chronic migraines Has made me spiral into a deep depression and anxiety. Effexor is also a preventative off label for migraines but Ive had this med sitting here and I cant bring myself to take it from all these horrible responses

  29. You won’t know how it works for you until you try it. I’ve found it works great for me - no more suicidal ideation! Or at least it is way less frequent. Combined with thc it lifts my executive dysfunction. Unfortunately other people’s experiences are no substitute for your own.

  30. Have you had Quorn’s chicken nuggets?! Literally the only frozen chicken nuggets I will buy and I’m not even vegetarian

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