1. Don’t worry about it. I quit my tenured position for industry 5 weeks ago. I gave them 2 weeks notice 9 days before the semester started. Left a NIH grant and NSF grant. Keep it professional and don’t expect anything from your old PI. Ignore the BS and don’t engage. It’s your life, it’s your decision.

  2. So I’m speaking from the “my glass is so fucking full, I might quit any day with no notice” now point of view.

  3. Yeah, I hopefully get promoted after 3 years and will jump right away for career growth

  4. If this is a startup better hope bozos promote you 1-2 years in because they should be doing that to retain people. -_- you should check my most recent comments on another post to see the shitshow I’m hired in lmfao

  5. I was able to come with 80 dollars with uber or lyft. I forgot. But that was around 6-7 am

  6. That wasn’t my experience. It’s certainly geared more to large companies than little startups, but that’s not a bad thing. Regeneron, Roche, Merck, AbbVie, Pfizer - all are around NYC. To be honest, my biggest complaint working in small biotech is that so few people have worked anywhere BUT small biotech and think the wacky fucking way they do things is the only way.

  7. Glassdoor will give you a better idea on title and salary. Every company uses a slightly different nomenclature. Hopping every 3-5 years is standard. Staying in one place for too long is boring (for me personally).

  8. I work in Medical Affairs, not R&D, but I’ve done the big pharma to big pharma move so hopefully this is helpful. Recently moved from Sr Mgr to AD

  9. Following. I uploaded something similar and the answers I got were.. kind of 😂😂😂

  10. Someone threw TEMED into normal trashcan and it smelled so bad. I tried to bag it and accidently inhaled it. It felt really bad.

  11. That's a lie. I searched my ass off for a Postdoc position.

  12. It goes beyond post docs. Advancement for younger faculty is poor as well.

  13. After seeing “poor” assistant professors at top Ivy schools.. I am like this is not how I want to be. After the young PI bragged me about the story about he was able to go to France with the cheapest airline that does not even give ducking water, this was a hard pass

  14. Oh yeah, I'd love to make 45k 56k in Boston working 80 hours a week for 5+ years for a chance to get a TT position (which will realistically not happen)!

  15. My new salary is almost triple my grad student salary 🤤

  16. Mine is 4.6 times (but my grad salaries were an absolute trash since I lived in midwest)

  17. I’m also Midwest and staying Midwest at a smaller private company, so my salary is definitely on the lower end. But I’m still quite pleased overall!

  18. Idk what the guys above are saying. Lol. I am sure none of them has done PhD or scam postdocs. But WLB is so much better than academia. I agree with what the above commenters said though

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