1. AW. Gal has a great face, but her body is so ‘flat.’ No curves, no ass.

  2. Fingerstyle. I play flamenco and 6 string bass first, then jazz guitar 2nd. It’s more natural for me at this point. Picks feel weird in my hand and I am constantly struggling to find the right angles of attack.

  3. Yes, opposite. It was hot AF and now I am going to do it again….

  4. Canadians…. I was confused as to why the cop was so calm.

  5. Which flavor of crazy, you mean? Hmmm…. I’ll take hand on hip/ drunk rager/crier for the win.

  6. Flagler Beach/Palm Coast…. I’m shocked at the po-po…. Shocked, I tell you.

  7. Very dry lady bits. Like grating my dude bits on shards of glass. So dry, I was parched.

  8. Use distilled water for your humidifiers. No dust thrown and no minerals to clog up the humidifier.

  9. Per the Boss Lady: Me, the dude, I am expected to be a full blown Wookie (no back hair). The Boss Lady, smooth as a cucumber. I love the Boss Lady and I happily never shave anything but my face and junk area.

  10. And in other shocking news, the sun rises in the east.

  11. Move on. Gangbang away until your heart is content. Profit. Win.

  12. 2 out of x number of partners. 2. My current girl and the first girl I fell in love with in high school. All else, very hit or miss. Odd fact: both were raised in ‘religious’ households. Both suck/sucked my dick like they would die if they couldn’t. Praise Mr. Jesus.

  13. I grew up with the actress who played WA in the movies. Yes, she is busty petite, so yes I have/had every idea she has juggies.

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