1. I mean. Im still on my parents cellphone plan. Im 30 and im going to ride that as long as possible. I actually think its cheaper for them to keep me on it lol.

  2. I got a bewildered look from a boss when I told him I was still on my parents’ plan when I was about 30. My dad broached the subject when I was in my early 20s about switching and I just couldn’t afford it and he let it go. When I finally got my own plan with my wife, he didn’t even notice I split off.

  3. I’m always so impressed by people acting so hard as doctors that they learn medicine.

  4. Make sure you give your course of action changing input as often as possible. Your subordinates will appreciate the professional development and opportunity to take a single problem and tackle it from multiple angles. If you act surprised when they brief you a new COA, it’ll keep them on their toes. Also, pretend to pretend like you understand the situation while acting like you have no idea what your subordinates are talking about, that way you can drop a single useful piece of knowledge and totally blow them away with what you know no matter how small that contribution is. It’s like showing your subordinates a dog that can color in a book within the lines, “wow! He got that right!” Is something they’ll definitely say.

  5. Olsen Johnson is right! What kind of Guardsmen are we any how? I say we stay and fight it out!

  6. Garry Johnson was right about Olsen Johnson being right. We can’t just roll over and give up everything we worked for.

  7. If you haven’t been, it’s a pretty cool (and wildly expensive) place to spend a weekend.

  8. You guys keep stating LOD, how the hell were you able to get one? I got ran over overseas and had to be casevac'd and my leadership still refused to give an LOD.

  9. You need to get the IG to ask your command that question. You should 100% have gotten one. Anything that’s diagnosable that could incur disability or need continued care needs an LOD.

  10. You need an LOD and it needs to be initiated ASAP.

  11. So the refusals and exemptions are all being brought back. They’re in the process of figuring out what to remove and how for punitive stuff for the refusals. I think there was more info in S1Net today on it, specifying travel is ok again.

  12. Is this in Christiansburg, VA? Duncan imports has several both Mazda and Autozam.

  13. I'm sorry for your loss - I see he was one of only very few to

  14. I like how David Hackworth described it, “a perfect attendance record.”

  15. Update: I took it to Honda and got a call stating they suspect a bad valve and are asking for a head tear down authorization.

  16. I’m not an expert, but the guy on the right is an officer, I think the one “driving” is enlisted because the airborne patch is on the other side. Officers wore the patch on one and their rank on the other. The enlisted wore their patch on the opposite side of officers, but no rank on hat.

  17. I have one that I switch to when I’ll be away from a charger for more than a week or I’m going somewhere where I can’t or shouldn’t bring commercial GPS.

  18. There’s a 1KZ-TE owner’s group on Facebook that’s a wealth of knowledge. You may also want to seek out the Hilux surf owners’ groups.

  19. Shelby Cobra Daytona. I prefer the vert myself as I think these looks funny.

  20. This isn’t a Daytona is a Cobra Coupe.

  21. This is a replica hard top cobra. The Daytona was a different car with a different body.

  22. I worked for a company supporting USACC and got told that my request to be released early from a TDY to attend drill and air assault didn’t mean I would be released in time to do either one. I left anyway and got a super passive aggressive email about my professional and how unlikely it was that my contract would be renewed after I left anyway.

  23. Controversial take: I think it’s more of a cautionary tale about committing to the military than one about leadership. Sam was the perfect hero and was beaten down. Courtney was a self serving careerist and made it to the top. Sam’s story is a tragedy.

  24. It depends on the specifics. Is reckless driving is a crime and comes with DUI-like penalties, probably. I’d recommend getting a lawyer, in my state reckless driving can mean jail time. I saw a uniformed active duty airman get two weeks of jail for 66/45 on his first offense.

  25. I think everyone in the courtroom were exasperated… that day everyone who was charged with reckless driving went to jail, DUI was jail, drunk in public or open container was max fine or jail if it was charged with a jailable offense. Weed charges were basically dismissed.

  26. Had a friend in basic who was from Iran. He had to shave twice a day and it did not matter how close he shaved it looked like he still had a beard. People eventually learned. Invite your CSM to touch your lip to see how smooth it is.

  27. I have a friend who is Irish, he had to shave one morning in front of his commander to demonstrate how fast his grew in a workday.

  28. My advice on Liberty would be that if that's the route you choose, don't be surprised when their fundamental beliefs are part of your curriculum. They aren't quiet about it, so I don't know why it surprises anyone TBH.

  29. I know a few guys working on bachelors or masters there, they literally have to incorporate god into every assignment.

  30. I don’t know anything about Ohio but for AGR jobs in my state, generally battalions tend to be run by a major with a captain serving as a full time ops or sustainment officer. There are a few other jobs around the state for captains, such as a BDE AS3, but many tend to be AG, branch immaterial, or a niche position. I haven’t seen any AGR positions specifically for LTs, I have seen LTs hired into captain positions but they were the exception and on their way to captain.

  31. There are on the north side, you can literally drive to the northern base camp in Tibet.

  32. Macchiato is espresso with a spoon full of foam on top, no milk.

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