1. He's too op if I stand between him and the friendly robots I still get shot sometimes Pls nerf blizzard

  2. I mean, is the government now obligated to tell the public about every single military threat, however unsubstantiated or minor it is? You don't get the CIA/FBI announcing every time they find a terror cell. From what I see Trump may have actually made a decent decision here because stirring shit up against a rival world power seems kinda pointless

  3. Cool whatever have your special little group I don't fucking CARE just stop going on about it. I just want to not be called slurs in the middle of the street is that so much to ask?

  4. A harsher sentence for this woman would not help rape victims. It would just make them more scared to come forward in case they end up being the one on trial

  5. Yeah, what's the percentage of rape cases that end up going to court, something like 1-2%? How many of those victims who make a report that ends up going nowhere now never even make a report because their claim has "no evidence" beyond the victim's statement

  6. I didn't say I wanted them prosecuted without evidence (other than the fact that a victim statement IS evidence) my point is more if you start handing out jail sentences that equal sentences for rape for lying about rape, then suddenly you have a lot of cases that will never even reach the police, as the victim will worry they will be deemed a liar and prosecuted themselves.

  7. Steve is such a human name but it fits him perfectly lol

  8. I feel like the limiter on effective use of a longer sword would be height, not strength. That said fuck you I'm still using an Estoc they're vibes

  9. It's not like western powers haven't done the same during the cold war to the Warsaw pact counties and Soviet union.

  10. Didn't the CIA/Pentagon literally say "it's not a military threat", in what world could it possibly be a spy balloon then? Media is clamouring for it to be a spy balloon to shit stir

  11. Why would Dem turnout be depressed with Trump on the ballot? After the shock of 2016, no one turns out Dems like Trump.

  12. This sort of thinking is like half the reason trump won in 2016. "It could never happen, people aren't that stupid" except people have proven time and time again they ARE that stupid

  13. it isn't a mutt, that's a Rafeiro do Alentejo. Farm/estate dog.

  14. a rafeiro means "street dog" alentejo is just the region that dog is living

  15. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafeiro_do_Alentejo

  16. Just wanna say for all the trans people reading this exhausting shit for the nth time: your identity is valid, trans rights are human rights, fuck the Tories.

  17. no one is going to prison for misgendering someone

  18. Manufacturing is in desperate need of hands too, which is most excellent for the worker side as they'll pay you as much as they can not to lose you once your cemented in the company's processess

  19. Most manufacturing jobs that you can get with 0 experience will be minimum wage.

  20. What, this isn't genocide? He's making it illegal to be a tranny, he isn't going to kill anybody. Lmao stupid LGBTQRST with their perpetual victim complex

  21. It really is a no win situation. We claim her, and we're claiming a rapist. We don't claim her, and it kinda betrays what the community has been working towards.

  22. I don't think it's as much about claiming as just acknowledging that she is who she says she is, then addressing the rest alongside that.

  23. Fully agree it just really doesn't help our look in the media. I'm not usually one for respectability politics but when being trans is already viewed as a choice by most people, this really does not help our struggle in the slightest

  24. https://twitter.com/AK_CN_Shitpost/status/1621069357467185153

  25. Master forgive me but my wallet must go all out, just this once

  26. Yeah I dissociate/daydream a solid 7 or 8 hours a day, it's the only way I can get though things.

  27. It's so silly, I love it. My favourite running joke is the "what did the fish say when he swam into a wall" one

  28. Maybe my doctor was just on it but he warned me about both of those things, as well as the tendency for them to cause stomach issues at first.

  29. That was absolutely a suicide, falling backwards to make it easier

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