1. Ask on legalindia sub. You'll get proper advice.

  2. so basically all non-veg food fits into this category.

  3. Stray dogs are menace to society. They bite people, they bark loudly in the middle of night. You cant go for early morning or night walks without fear. No amount of vaccinations gonna reduce the number. Because one female dog gives birth to 6-7 puppies.

  4. Earlier it used to be just metro city thing. But now everyone wants to go abroad for MS. My cousin graduated from tier 3 college from tier 3 city. And he tolde me about 10-15 students from his class are going abroad. And about same number are going within next 1-2 year.

  5. You can't really blame people. Take me for instance. Im a medical student who wants to pursue dermatology. Dermatology is an extremely competitive branch in India so much so that even AIR 2 in Neet pg didn't get his desired seat! (There was only one seat in good colleges and it was for reserved castes.) I'm a bright student who got into a government medical college despite being an open candidate, but I'll have to be in top 150 in the whole country to even stand a chance!! That's nuts!!

  6. Definitely agree with your point. But why there's only 1 seat for dermatology? Only one seat for lakhs of students. Not fair.

  7. I've never read any of his books. Which one should I read first?

  8. Hey OP are you founder of this kumaojagran site?

  9. Your relationship to things is skewed because of your poverty. A rich person may or may not have the same attitude. I have an attachment to some of my possessions that has nothing to do with replacement value, and other humans share that normal feeling.

  10. Agree. I have couple of watches but my favourite is first one which was gifted by my sister.

  11. Comfort, sentimentality, preference. I've never had money but it feels a bit weird to not value anything. Have you never had a favorite pair of pants that hug you in just the right way? Or ever buy something again when the first one wears out just because you enjoy that it exists?

  12. Yes. Back then everyone was fucked up. But now it seems everyone has moved on and Im the only one who's stuck.

  13. I think there are no clear cut regulations. So they find loopholes.

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