1. I’m sorry, but haven’t we told them exactly what a woman is probably a million times, but they just don’t like the answer, so they pretend we don’t know? A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman, but these grade A jackoffs seethe and recoil like a salted slug at that answer, so they just pretend we never said it and go on spouting the nonsensical claim that “we don’t know what a woman is.”

  2. I think you should look at the sentence right after, “As for skills, i just run wex + crit boost with silverwind weapons and I think that’s 100 aff.” Specifically 3 words in to the next sentence.

  3. you're missing the point, we're finding the biggest moron in the picture. you're just making shit up now about this image lol

  4. He’s referring to a panopticon, a proposed prison where the guards watch from a central tower, and the prisoners surround the tower in a circle, but each cell is built in a way where to guards can see every prisoner but no prisoner can see the guards. The guards cannot see all prisoners at all times though, but because every prisoner can be seen but a guard, prisoners would, in theory, self regulate their behavior, because even though they cannot see the guard watching them, the prisoners have to operate under the assumption that they are constantly being watched.

  5. What is this from? It looks like Team America: World Police, but I haven’t seen it so I’m not sure

  6. Honestly if trump sics his dogs, (avid trump supporters), on DeSantis and we get someone even 1% less comically evil, I will actually thank Trump for the first time in my entire life.

  7. I watched an awesome video about that the other day!

  8. I’m assuming by flyann2, that’s why actually got me to go out and get Tri, since I wanted to visit Loc Lac on my legit Wii.

  9. Thats the one! It piqued my interest well, I need to look up the Loc Lac bc I have it ready to play

  10. You do need a pc capable of running a private server, that’s all I know.

  11. He's not firing her. She's clearly telling him about resumes for if he gets called as a reference from her previous job.

  12. Yes, I misinterpreted the post, but why exactly would this be about references? I don’t have that much experience with the actual working world, I’m still in college and working at my first job, but wouldn’t this be about her possibly getting rehired?

  13. I know, I am assuming that to be, “if you see a resume of someone wanting to be hired that says the name Althea, it’s me, who worked here before, trying to get rehired.” I was asking because I had assumed if someone was getting resumes, they were looking at potential employees to hire, and I wasn’t sure how resumes factored into references.

  14. Well, there is what we called the superbone, which I think is a base trombone (?) and it has the buttons of trumpets, and the slide of a trombone. There are also trigger trombones, which have a trigger that lets you press it in 1st position to get to 7th position, without having to move all the way down to 7th.

  15. Nah i'm short on money but it's good, i'm just gonna get used of this stick, thanks tho 😊

  16. No problem. The stick suffices, but the circle pad pro or psp stick works a lot better. Although, depending on where you go from here, (either to older games or newer games), I’d save up for a Wii and Tri for older games, then getting a psp for MHFU and a MHF1, or buying the circle pad pro for playing MH4U, if you decide to go newer.

  17. I have a Vita so i'll play them on here 😊, I also planned to buy a Wii for GameCube and Wii games so I'm gonna be able to play Tri to

  18. That sounds pretty good, and you already have a switch so you can play MHGU too, so you can play pretty much everything at this point.

  19. I think the only way a MH game could EVER get away with just bowguns is heavily altering most monsters, or maybe even only having new monsters tailored around the only ranged combat mechanic, and bring back the Tri form of bowguns to give more choices than normal.

  20. Oh I know, I just thought it would be fun to theorize what a “bowguns only” MH would look like.

  21. If you want an actual recommendation. I would start in MH4U. It’s as close to world and rise as you are going to get. MHGU is technically closer, but it’s filled with features, and I have a huge 13 paragraph long in depth explanation if you would like me to drop here if you want to know why you shouldn’t play it first when getting into old gen. If you can’t get MH4U then get MH3U, or if you really don’t want to try your hand at underwater combat, (it’s really not that bad, as long as you aren’t using sns or db), then get an English patch for Portable 3rd HD on for ppsspp.

  22. Well thank you for the long explanation but I've already finished all those games. I've been hunting for the past 10 years and that's why I want to try something new now. The only Monster Hunter games I haven't played yet are the original game, MHDos for the PvP, Frontier and Online (if it ever comes back). But for anyone else reading this, I fully agree with this comment, play GU, 4U, 3U and FU, those are all masterpieces :D

  23. Ah well, in that case my point still stands, play fantasy life, but if you want something more mature, play Lobotomy Corporation, it’s one of my favorite games of all time. There’s also Enter the Gungeon and One Step from Eden if you like roguelikes, and I have sunk about 700 hours into the binding of Isaac, as well as over 1000 hours into terraria. Those are all great games that get my definite must play recommendation.

  24. i think if you write in cursive training an AI might actually be easier since you'd have to make your program connect the letters as well

  25. The “keyboard-like” handwriting style is called print.

  26. Readiness gives you a dodge that makes you completely invincible for its duration, draws the weapon and restores 10 units of sharpness. Together with RS, it's enough to maintain max sharpness on nearly every weapon, because it effectively gives 20 with RS.

  27. Yea I mostly prefer looks over meta, and since you can’t transmog weapons, I really want to use the ahtal-ka sa, since it looks good and is meta. I don’t really care about armor, since you can transmog that, but I thought that jhoceana gave you RS and S+2, so it was necessary for the ahtal sa. I don’t really care about the armor, as long as it’s a good meta set, and can be used around the ahtal sa. Considering readiness and Rs maintains purple sharpness, I should focus on an armor that just provides rs and then affinity or damage boosting things, like crit eye, wex, and challenger? So what set would be good for that? I would go by the guide, but I feel like you would have a much better armor set than the rathalos mix set it proposes.

  28. My set uses WE, CB, Ch2, RS and evade 2. Use an armor searcher to see what you can make with your charms. There's also a good challenger template set if you don't wanna use an armor searcher tho

  29. I can understand one console since it's new and friends might play that, but both? nah.

  30. I originally got rise for the switch for Christmas, but never opened it since it was coming to PS, so I could play it with my gf, but my mom forgot to return it, so I’m going to play it with her when sunbreak drops, and then play it again on my switch.

  31. What I mean to say is that whoever can solve this particular problem could make a shitload more many than that by quietly using its practical applications as long as possible before everyone catches on

  32. Good point, I didn’t think of that. If you can solve one of those you’d be a rich man for life.

  33. I mean personally, if I were rhe sort of brilliant mathematician who goes around solving important problems such as this, I'd freely give the answer to the world as I firmly believe that knowledge and understanding of the universe is meant to be shared with any who will listen

  34. That’s probably what the people who solve these do. I mean, one person solved a problem but turned down the money as he based his work off another mathematicians work to solve it, and they refused to let him share the prize with the other mathematician, so he turned down the money.

  35. The joke is that he is an old man in the future. He describes not having a brown shirt, as he doesn’t like brown, and the only person in the picture who has a brown shirt is the old man. This is ironic, as the post is on gym memes, implying that he will be the very muscular man, however, op subverts our expectations by saying he sees himself as the old man in the future, as he did not specify how far into the future, and as he said he would not be wearing a brown shirt. I hope that helps.

  36. It is posted on gym memes, so you would originally think the meme would be about the muscular man, as he obviously goes to the gym a lot, and normally this would be the person they are talking about when they talk about how they imagine themselves in the future, but it is instead about the old man, not something you would normally see someone saying they see themselves as in the future on that particular subreddit.

  37. This wasn't me. But if remember correctly, something about how since she was stacked up in the turning lane beyond it's start, he thought she shouldn't have been there which automatically gave him the ROW. I dunno, don't shoot the messenger, I just shared it with y'all.

  38. I’m not sure why you are being downvoted. You are literally saying you aren’t the driver and giving context behind the driver’s thoughts. Your messages very clearly indicate that you don’t agree with the driver, so it’s not like you are being downvoted for having his back.

  39. I’m not sure if this is “underrated” to say, but I had literally never seen anyone talk about this anime until I stumbled across it on Crunchyroll, and that’s Blood Blockade Battlefront. For the first few episodes of season 1 there is no overarching story, and it’s pretty much self contained stories each episode, and towards the middle and end of season 1 there is a plot, but in the second season there is only self contained episodes.

  40. I think by “used” they don’t mean “times used playing games,” they mean “times thrown against the wall in gamer rage.”

  41. Tldr: read the last paragraph, but if you want to know the Japanese word for husband, as well as the phonetic reason why when they say the English words husband and wife in Japanese, (they say husbando and waifu), then read the full thing.

  42. I think enter the gungeon 2 would have more content. There isn’t really anything they can do with more gungeon dlc. The story, (if you can call it that, considering there isn’t much), is over. Besides, a gungeon 2 would have double the content of a new dlc.

  43. I’m assuming that this guys brain would overload if we told him that every single person on the planet is descendant from the mitochondrial eve, a group of black women. Also the fact that the human species started in Africa, meaning all of our ancestors were black if you go back far enough.

  44. Going to be honest here, this is completely genius. The people he is marketing to never thought their insurance companies were woke, but now that they see this, endorsed by Donald Trump Junior, they are going to think their insurance companies are woke.

  45. Ok even though it had the /s the lgbt+ subscription is an objectively funny comment. It would be so much better without the /s though, as that just brings the entire momentum of the joke to a screeching halt, ruining it.

  46. Tldr, first 2 paragraphs are about my favorite abno, next 3 are about the games hidden danger score mechanic, and the final paragraph is my summary explanation of WhiteNight’s special danger score interaction. Honestly you only need to read paragraphs 1, 2, and 6, but if you want a brief summary of the wiki then 3-5 are very good reads.

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