1. Now add this payment to the corruption investigation.

  2. Yo computers so old its no longer politically correct to call it a slave drive anymore rofl.

  3. Egg farm. All the eggs that don't make the grade go in wheelie bins and then frozen. Including the chicken shit and flies. Then sold to a company to make exceedingly good cakes.

  4. "microaggression training" sounds like they are teaching you to be aggressive in such a way that it does not become a formal complaint.

  5. Ad: Support Containers, Storage Buckets and a huge Recycle Bin..

  6. There are loads of ideas on Pinterest for upcycling old teapots and china cups and saucers into bird feeders and water spouts.

  7. If it was up cycling then i would be behind it. But it must cost just as much for the packaging for this than the teapot.

  8. It's hard to compete with news nowadays. The jokes really write themselves.

  9. Where is the actual quote from? I only know it from a Perturbator song

  10. Taking bets on who the next PM will be.

  11. I see what you were going for, and this photo has big potential! The sign right in the middle of it (and in front of the light trails) is killing it for me.

  12. Thank you for your comments. Its good to get someone's else's opinion. I am a complete noob and wanted to try light trails. This is my first one.

  13. Hold on...Truss may pull a U-Turn on her resignation tomorrow.

  14. Ha. Have you ever been choked? I’m not recommending it, but… it really is a high that sticks with you when you come out of it.

  15. No but did the hyperventilating thing in school and put myself out. Scary as fuck.

  16. Huh. That sounds like a different feeling then. That does not sound fun at all.

  17. Surely it's the same but someone else is in control?

  18. I thought it was all UPSs for a second. I thought good plan!!!

  19. I beg you Dwayne please consider this! Put these puppets back in the box and start demanding sense in politics. You could always ask them outside if they wanted to 'Debate' it?

  20. Totally, as long as he sings "You're Welcome" from Maui in his first PMQ's

  21. Buy her a Subwoofer to drown out the higher frequencies? My parents loved it!

  22. I remember listening to some "New Jungle" music in my bedroom as a kid. My mum came in and said "I used to listen to this" I looked at her like she was insane. How can you it has just came out?

  23. My first one was after i started as a wet behind the ears techy for a small company.

  24. A colleague deep cleaned my mug that looked twice as bad, all I could taste after that was the cleaning product he soaked it in over the weekend. Ruined.

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