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  1. I second everything in this reply, I lived in Des Moines and Iowa City for a total of 15 years. Made my way to the PNW in 2015 and would never willingly go back for many of these reasons.

  2. We are going through a similar situation with our 20 week old GSD. He came to us at 9 weeks with Giardia and are still battling it. We are diligent about cleaning, picking up poop quickly, wiping butt and paws and bathing after treatment. Going on round 4 and are crossing our fingers it’ll stick this time.

  3. Braciole. Never had it before, wanted to make it and now it’s one of my family’s favorite (and my best dish). I use a spin on the recipe in the Sopranos Family Cookbook.

  4. Thank you all for your responses so far. The puppy emotional roller coaster is real. We will continue to stay the course, appreciate the feedback.

  5. “With what? My fucking toes?!?!” When someone asks me to hand them something (like the remote).

  6. A trick that worked for me when my cat kept jumping on top the fireplace was using lint roller tape. I would lay the tape on top of where I didn’t want her to go and wait. She got stuck to it once, didn’t hurt her just didn’t like how it felt. Never did it again after that. Maybe not a good choice if your cat has long hair though.

  7. I don't need life, I'm high on drugs

  8. Might likely be a mix. However, it does look like a little version of my cat, so maybe a Nebelung. They tend to have long gray coats, green/yellow eyes, and look like their wearing little pants. They also get very attached to one specific person, but will be friendly to others. Either way that little stinker is adorable!

  9. No longer live in Des Moines but I grew up on the Eastside and hated the days where that smell wafted into the air. But in the grander scheme of things it’s not that bad. It sucks, sure, but it occurs a couple times a year and it provides jobs to people in the community.

  10. Carmelos tacos is the only place that even hit the spot in Seattle for me. They are located in a bodega in Capitol Hill, definitely check it out. They have al pastor on the trompo, lengua is fire, and the Campechano is so good.

  11. Carmelos would not meet the bar described by op.

  12. I mean nothing is Seattle proper does unfortunately. Was my best suggestion.

  13. In the past I would always struggle when I went to conferences to find the best fitting suit. Every time I’ve ended up with the best luck at Ann Taylor. I’m a bit short and their petite suits always fit just right! The standard sizes fit great as well. Stylish and professional and not a terrible price when compared to say Nordstrom.

  14. I finally bought a house and am moving out of my apartment. The landlord is already advertising the unit and wants $350 more than what I have been paying for the last 2 years. Doesn’t surprise me since the same landlord was trying to illegally find ways to charge me an extra $75 a month during the pandemic because his HOA fees went up.

  15. “Stop writing raps, and go play volleyball” Atmosphere - Trying to Find a Balance Love that song but hate that lyric

  16. Oldie but goodie, Spin Selling. May not be directly applicable to what your selling but I think it gives a good foundation regardless.

  17. My personal favorite is “So what? Who cares, find new friends!” After Teresa was complaining about some of the ladies (can’t remember about what or who) I still quote this to this day. So disinterested but so funny.

  18. Can someone explain to me why people are freaking out at bravo for having violence on reality tv. A lot of reality shows on TLC, MTV (jersey shore), ABC (bachelor franchise) have violence...

  19. I don’t think people are freaking out about violence on reality tv, it’s the cherry picking by Bravo of what is “entertaining” violence and “scary” violence. It’s gross..

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