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  1. I use cheap cactus mix or garden mix with added perlite!

  2. Oh, sorry! Its about 20cm tall, and i plan on making one :) not sure how to describe the yarn but not super thick or thin

  3. I'm not an expert but I've made a few crochet stuffed animals throughout the years. If you want pics for reference, let me know. I've made a dragon, a squirrel, and league of legends character, Poro.

  4. Cuz every class has extra space to not utilize except in case of a school shooter.

  5. That's one of the worst mealy bug infestations I've seen. Rub the whole plant down with a 70% rubbing alcohol solution with a cotton ball or something and It might also be a good idea to change the soil, keep an eye on it for a little bit and kill any you see with more alcohol. I'd also check any other plants you have for them. Good luck

  6. If you get a garden sprayer with a pressurized hose/pump handle, I'd fill that with the alcohol/pesticide/water/whatever and then go to town on the plant.

  7. Really? Looking at prices at the store near me. Per pizza price would roughly be

  8. Hear me out, We all put on suits, tuxedos if you have them, dresses, ball gowns, take our lawn chairs, wine, cheese, olives, pate, and go and block the entrances, the pumps. Drink wine, and smash the glasses on the floor after one sip.

  9. Same happened to me. Except with a 3/5, the department of Ed receives a mark against my ability to teach.

  10. I had a math professor in college who would allow us 1 page of notes for exams and mine sure looked like this page!

  11. I always got the legal paper because it's 8.5x14. He never collected or noticed mine was slightly longer than the rest.

  12. What a frustrating article. Clarke’s response is absolutely flippant. I’m also a bit frustrated that the author doesn’t interrogate why more teachers aren’t taking SEPTA. There’s the BSL and two different buses with high frequency that are near the school, so it’s not like the school is in a transit desert.

  13. As a teacher in our city I left at 4am to take 3 busses and the subway. It isn't always a straight from A to B.

  14. Thank you for sharing! My family's Dalmatian past away last year and those smiles reminded me so much of him. And the ever wiggling butt/tail thumping.

  15. Posted below but here it is. Very simple two-tone HDC scarf. Again, she didnt even unfold it lol

  16. These are beautiful stitches and neat rows!! You did a great job and I'd love the crap out of it.

  17. What’s within your budget, if you don’t mind me asking? I currently live in the Lehigh valley (lehigh and Northampton county), so I may be able to recommend places nearby.

  18. I've lived 10 years in Philly and prior to 19 years in NEPA. This is a great list I'd explore before going to scranton/Wilkes barre/ Hazelton.

  19. Stock flowers are really pretty and can get quite large!!

  20. Thank you so much! I just got this branch from a friend, who cut it off their plant. It doesn't have roots yet. So I shouldn't place it in water for root growth? Just straight into soil?

  21. Is this a Hoya? The stem doesn't look like a rubber tree like others are commenting but I could literally know nothing.

  22. I will not be getting this plant now. I have always wanted one, but this has told me it is not the plant for me. Gross. It smells like saliva??

  23. Oh gosh my most hated scent. I cannot sniff mine now.

  24. You're welcome! Is your dog's name rhubarb? Community people want to know what name to call out when they go for their walks.

  25. This is my neighbor. We call her ruby.

  26. I've met so many people from rural and suburban areas who wonder why city people don't trust law enforcement. They don't read the news and their sole experience with police was Officer Cookie-duster who was the chief of their two-man police force in their town and told them not to smoke weed when they were twelve. It's like. Here. Look. This is it. This is what drives a wedge between police and citizens. How can you expect any other response? But of course they'll never hear about it. Or just deny it if they do.

  27. A guy I went to school with and played soccer with became a policeman and was working the ranks to become a state trooper. He got into a nasty fight with his girlfriend and told her he'd kill her, bury her in the backyard, and he'd never get caught because he was a cop. Thank goodness he was removed from his position when she came forward with what he said.

  28. ooo I think I know him!! Is he by any chance 40% of all police officers in philadelphia?

  29. I'm not an OG philadelphian. It's actually from rural PA, so i was shocked here was any real follow through. Huge outlier.

  30. Sign me up. I'd gladly pay $99 for this superhero trading card

  31. $300 can get you a lot. A photos alumn, a mug with the couple photographed on it, hiking gear if that's the outdoorsy stuff they like,a bird feeder, a swing or bench with a momentum plaque engraved for their garden/porch.

  32. That’s what I’m trying to understand, it’s not like i wasn’t going to buy him anything at all. I’m just choosing to spend more money on people who are going to gift my family back

  33. Yo, what's fair isn't always equal. Compare your quality of life to this child (and really try to see it from the child's perspective, not your own with your own background).

  34. My grams secret recipe is the recipe on the can and an extra sprinkle of cinnamon on top 😅

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