Recently got back into 1s. Still hate it.

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  • By - Nyhxy

Petition: Shut down r/antiwork

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  1. Yep, the day you realise you'll never be at least the X height you wished for hits pretty hard. Happened to all of us. Now deal with it.

  2. I don't understand how do you guys struggle that much with pants while the real prolems are shirts, sweats and jackets that are always way too long. With pants you just find ones that fit in width and if they're too long at the bottom you tailor them or you hem them.

  3. This will damage his kidneys in the long run, won't it?

  4. Wait, BDS was able to do what they’ve done over the past 1.5 years without even being able to communicate with Marc?

  5. Don't they mean communicate outside of the game?

  6. OP 5'11 : "Just don't be unattractive and a gross pervet, it's that simple"

  7. OP doing his best NA fuckboi streamer impression

  8. GC 2s game, 3 min overtime, and the max score is 329, was this game only 50/50 in the middle of the pitch?

  9. Okay so not boosted then. Still kinda weird based on his history. Maybe he’s just on a friend or siblings account to get them GC rewards?

  10. You can be boosted by letting the booster play on your account too

  11. There is plenty of smurfs in RL. Sounds like you’ve been very lucky to never have encountered any.

  12. No, there is plenty of people playing on alternative accounts but not plenty of smurfs who lose on purpose to keep their rank low

  13. Was zen expected to join any known team before the announcement of his ban?

  14. vitality has low chances to make worlds

  15. Yes, La France Insoumise, a far left party

  16. Air roll for the style points

  17. If only boost pads existed

  18. by having a car that visually doesn't match it use it?

  19. I agree with you about your points on the merc

  20. Banned until 2023 season or until a full calendar year has passed?

  21. Until february 2023, when he'll turn 16

  22. Playing in RLCS X qualifier on someone else account and also while being underage

  23. I'm not trying to learn this type of wall dash

  24. As far ad I know, you can’t actually wall dash with a diagonal flip. (could be wrong but I personally just side flip)

  25. What type of wall dashes are you doing?

  26. This sub used to be about lazy people that hate working, now it's all about that american strike shit.

  27. Is Subie pronouncing Seikoo incorrectly? Or is that how it’s supposed to be pronounced? (Say-kuu)

  28. The 'oo' are pronounced like in 'zero'

  29. I used to not mind the TTV tag. But now I can without fail say the following scenarios will happen.

  30. This is not because of your ttv tag, it's like that for everyone

  31. Please don't make us play on Neon Fields

  32. I haven’t seen that map in a year. Why you worried about that

  33. The event is literally called 'neon nights' and you can see neon fields in the background

  34. He speedflipped on the first kickoff

  35. 150+ games in d1 1s this season and I have never encounter a single opponent that had a better level than C2 at max in 2s

  36. He deserves credit, but wall reset is just a better name. No reason you can’t credit him while using the superior name.

  37. It's not a reset, you're not regaining a jump you lost like in a flip reset.

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