1. If Edna Mode from the Incredibles movie had a brother...

  2. You're using an old version of CPU-Z.

  3. You'll have to wait until the 4090ti comes out and upgrade again.

  4. Except that it's a dream episode. Kramer has a psychotic break and dreams the whole thing up. When he comes to, he looks down and finds himself having sex with Susan's corpse.

  5. I'm running Daz Studio 4.21 with Nvidia Studio driver 517 without issues.

  6. Show her your butt pic and say that your ass requires it.

  7. Those amplifier splitters aren't great. I've seen those things cause the amplifiers they are connected to slowly die over time. If the 3 dead zones are still attached to the splitter I would disconnect them as that might be part of your problem. If that doesn't help, bypass the splitter and connect the amplifier directly to a single zone to see if it gets better. If it doesn't the speakers an/or the amplifier are the issue (probably amplifier). I would swap out the amplifier with a multichannel amplifier and get rid of the amplifier splitter altogether. A 50W/channel multichannel amplifier/receiver should give you plenty of sound for that environment.

  8. For the extra few dollars I would go with 5.0 just because, but I don't think that there's any compelling reason to do it at this point.

  9. This happened to me after I moved things around in my case. In my situation there was a SATA power connector for the Kraken that I forgot to plug back in.

  10. Just like the plants in the movie Idiocracy.

  11. Found a deal on a 2nd 3090 (for rendering) I'm good for a while.

  12. It will be quicker and the extra memory will help with loading complex scenes. If you really want to get serious a 3090 is the way to go.

  13. Reminds me of the coyote mascot costume.

  14. Yes, but there will always be a GPU that's good enough that the average user can afford while the days of power users buying the latest and greatest will become less common. Everyone want's the xx80's but the xx60's are usually good enough.

  15. My vote is for the WD Black, I have the older 750 and it's been perfect.

  16. If you need something now, get a 3080 as I would expect that the 4000 series will be hard to get and overpriced until sometime into 2023.

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