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  1. Gosh they really ruined Batman’s suit and cowl in JL.

  2. This is equivalent to eating a bowl of nails... Without any milk.

  3. Have you ever considered just withdrawing that money from your bank instead, having it tailored into a suit, and just spending all day at an actual bank? Might get more attention.

  4. I’m sure if we look hard enough there’s a DD about why osrs bonds are the play on wsb…

  5. I tried to make a Yolo post but they removed it.

  6. Jokes on them my money is all in RuneScape bonds. 🤭

  7. That's just the thing. The JSA together could probably defeat Sabacc, but then Hawkman would die. Kent Nelson didn't want that, so he chose to sacrifice himself and let Black Adam finish the job.

  8. JSA needed their own movie I think. Honestly Hawkman and Dr Fate stole the show.

  9. Pretty sure he's in sunday school based on the church collapsible wall behind him.

  10. During the day yes. Lately its been busy I think because of the holidays.

  11. make some emotes for sheep, bunny, and imp when you're turned into one in the castle wars waiting rooms.

  12. Aquamans trident and his strength can pierce Superman. Namor.. Lol no

  13. I went back to the interview just to check whether it was edited.

  14. My favorite lightsabers as a kid was QuiGon and Luke’s RoTJ

  15. Same! They’re also the only ones that I currently own. Anakin’s ROTS hilt would be a close third.

  16. That's funny because Anakins ROTS is my favorite hilt at the moment.

  17. You’ll have better luck at motherload mine

  18. Mr Mackey shitting his pants down the hall. And Grandma farts.

  19. Since when did super heroes have to make sense? I want a leotard bulletproof Batman.

  20. Can you download some more ram for the 2nd photo?I think it needs more jpg.

  21. Hold on, I got a extra ps1 memory card I’ll plug it in and see if I can upload it.

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