1. Looks like my Vapengin, but cooler ๐Ÿ˜… I've never seen the clear body style before otherwise, always felt kinda wary of Vapengin because of that

  2. No! I smoked menthol cigarettes before so my friend got me a mint flavored dispo to get me into vaping and off of cigs, still my preferred flavor over pretty much every other flavor I've tried

  3. I used to believe that until I got clean against my will, and realized I never really had control of the habit. Sure, I went on and off if it, but when I was forced to stay off I realized I was just used to existing that way. Still get cravings tbh.

  4. "Is there anything else I can get you?" "Yeah, a wheelchair/wheelbarrow/shopping cart to roll out of here! I'm full!"

  5. If you're female, people love you offering them to carry them out because "you've been working out". Followed by flexing.

  6. Haha I'm male, but I do have quite a few gay regulars I can see getting a kick out of that

  7. take it orally. 300mg every 30-60 minutes. you can stop at 600mg, I wouldn't go past 900. I believe taking it with food is best.

  8. Take 300mg every 30 minutes until you get to you 1200-1500mg then it takes about 2-ish hours to fully kick in.

  9. I make them uncomfortable when that happens. I'm a trans guy, and when I was pre-t and just starting t I would get questions about my gender and/or sexuality WAY TOO MUCH. A simple "that's not an appropriate question" goes a long way in a lot of situations.

  10. Vapengin, only dispo I've tried but it's pretty good so far

  11. My New Years resolution is to make it to next New Years lmao

  12. My coworker got me hooked on vaping nicotine and thc and I wish I'd never started. Also I feel sick, not sure if I've got one of the various respiratory diseases going around rn (I work with people all day) or if it's the vaping or allergies, but regardless I feel on the edge of puking all the time.

  13. Multiple times a day for a couple months, before that was like once a week and after was maybe once a day or every other day until I quit altogether

  14. All of my safe foods are expensive and specific enough that I can only buy like a week's worth once a month ๐Ÿ˜

  15. I keep doing this with fucking vaping ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  16. Crushed hard on my older coworker, then he quit and never texted me. Now I kinda have a crush on this one guy that's started coming into the restaurant I work at like once a week but A: He's just a customer, B: Looks totally straight, and C: I'll never have the confidence to start a conversation. I'm going to die alone.

  17. Some variation of Jona, Finn or Alex. And Elliot

  18. itโ€™s a bad cycle. just got off the vapes hoping cigarettes arenโ€™t as harsh as popcorn lung haha

  19. Well I didn't know I had a fear of popcorn lung until two seconds ago, thanks google

  20. I just discovered a new one in the form of ewhoring, so I'm milking it for all it's worth

  21. Dude that thing is bad ass, the week charge rhing is absolutely mind blowing to me

  22. Seriously tho! Have had the thc battery for half the time and have charged it twice but this little mofo just keeps working, I'll be sad when it's gone... I want to get a refillable vape because they're better for the environment, but I love having one you just have to charge every once in a while and auto-draws, not to mention stealth af- it's small enough that I can just hold it behind my hand and vape pretty much anywhere, it doesn't give off huge clouds like sub ohms and is more concentrated

  23. That's exactly what I want for work, how much was it?

  24. Not sure exactly, my friend bought it for me because the shop guy likes her haha. Online it says $12, I gave her a $20

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