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  1. Normally not a big fan of monroe piercings but this is stunning on you!

  2. It looks super great!! Piercing mine really made a difference in the way I see myself! I hope you love yours just as much always :)

  3. It’s adorable! … have you already started thinking about your next piercing?

  4. Congrats to you! Your dad is such a wholesome supportive dad. I'm still trying to figure out if i should come out to my parents or not. They are obviously not supportive at all and they even talked to me that "no lgbt person would be a part of our family" Hopefully i won't get put up for adoption

  5. Thank you, so sorry to hear your parents aren't supportive I hope things work out for you ❤️

  6. It's totally okay! You do you, and don't try to fit into society's expectations and do something detrimental to you! If you thrive on your own then feel free and have fun!

  7. Not everyone is the same, some people thrive off of their own company. The question is are you truly bothered by having no friends? Are you not trying because you feel hopeless or are you contempt with just going solo?

  8. I honestly am happy on my own it's just I feel pressure to do what everyone around me Is doing tbh

  9. You have a great smile and I love the color of your hair!

  10. i know this is an old post, so i'm sorry for commenting, but i'm SO glad posts have opened up again so i can say this. ive been considering getting into this series for a very very long time but have mobility issues that make it difficult to make small specific movements, so i've been worried about not being able to. this is my sign to buy it on the switch!

  11. No its fine dont worry, I'm not brilliant at the game still but I enjoy it and that's all that matters I'm glad i inspired you to start playing!

  12. It does not have tracking. It is likely just first or second class delivery that only has delivery confirmation. You can tell by the difference in tracking number formats.

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