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  1. Although it is probably bot true and you might not find the joke funny, it is still a joke. There might be a lot of men who really think this is true and that might be really annoying, but this is still just a silly meme, without more context at least.

  2. It's not just a "really annoying" joke. Women get beaten for "speaking too much" all the time. It's not a good joke if half the population doesn't find it funny. Most of mens' jokes are just punching others down, it's pathetic. Why do you types of guys always double down and try to find excuses for these assholes? Maybe because you relate to them a little too much? If you have nothing actually helpful to say then don't even comment, there's no context necessary and you're just here in bad faith.

  3. Damn I expected a subreddit like this to be a lot more nuanced and open for opinions. Firstly that women get beaten over it ofcourse is not ok, but has nothing to do with the meme of this person. Secondly 'most of mens jokes are just punching down is just a stupid statement and an overgeneralisation, which is the same as was the guy is doing in the meme. Secondly excuses for these assholes and you types of guys?? You have no idea what the intentions of this guy were nor who I am.

  4. I'm not reading all that dude, you're just proving my point about doubling down.

  5. My entire family thinks FO3 is better and for the longest time it made me believe that was the opinion of most fans. It always boggled my mind because New Vegas has better story with faaaaar more choices, weapons, enemies, and factions. It also just looks better, it's bright and earthy with proper towns and cities next to the drab greys, greens, and blues of 3 with rust-bucket cities. I'm happy that my family just has trash taste and we can all collectively agree.

  6. I guess I should use the word intentionally and not inherently really. There are obviously plenty of wholesome and non-questionable social interactions there. It just seems like it was designed to make it easy to not have evidence lol

  7. Yeah, I always feel bad because I use Snapchat a lot, but mostly because I don't like using Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. I don't post about my life that often, and don't need to see pictures of offensive memes and unattainable body standards anytime I just want to message someone. But I always feel so shady when I ask to talk on snap. I swear I'm not planning anything creepy 😅

  8. I didn't want to block him because he's the type of person who announces what they plan to do before they do it. So if he was going to come see me at work, I'd have time to prepare myself. Plus I overheard him talking about an application with one of my coworkers, so I'm on the lookout for an "I applied" message :')

  9. Well, than you totally wasted your time and energy. He is 100% an unhealthy individual and it was very apparent after few messages with him. Those type of “people” are very dangerous and I would stay away from them by any cost necessary.

  10. You think I don't know that? :/ He wasn't like this at first, that's the thing. By the time he started getting weird, we had already talked enough that I knew he could be a threat to my safety because of the MMA training and his past with girlfriends who have cheated on him. I wanted to try and handle the situation delicately because I live very close to work and it wouldn't be hard to find me if he really wanted to. Certainly not letting myself get into a situation like this again if I can help it.

  11. Excuse me how old where you when they were talking about the condom thing? It’s still bad nonetheless

  12. i hadn't even been in high school yet when they started saying that, so probably 12 or 13. definitely too young for those kinds of comments.

  13. Okay now that’s just freaking disgusting

  14. i know. i try not to think about it because it makes me feel gross :(

  15. I feel like I've struggled with labels because of this type of thinking. I'm technically bisexual because I'm sexually attracted to both men and women, but I say I'm a lesbian a lot of the time because I can't form an emotionally romantic attachment to a man. I don't feel the same way for them as I do for women.

  16. You can’t look at states. That just takes laws and very broad demographics into account.

  17. Yup. I live in California, which is the first state most people think of when they think "LGBTQ-friendly." But I live in RURAL California, where the public shops are waving Trump 2024 flags and blue lives matter propaganda, and angry men with big trucks have Confederate flag tattoos. So it really depends on what area in each state you're looking at.

  18. Congratulations to you. Perfect response there. That's some high-grade dadding.

  19. This should be the bare minimum of parenting. It's sad we consider accepting your child as high-grade.

  20. Wdym? The sub has a massive 5.3M subs. It has literally every type of person imaginable.

  21. Incels and misogynists are just the loudest of the bunch.

  22. I’ve spent so much time walking silently that Its instinct now. I have to think harder about walking normally than walking silently.

  23. Gosh, same. I even do my best to open and close doors silently. I don't even want anyone to know I'm out of my room

  24. Honest Hearts or Dead Money for me. I loved the characters in both. Especially Christine and Joshua Graham

  25. I adore Christine, she's my favorite part of Dead Money. I wish we could interact with her beyond the dlc

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