[Highlight] Coby White leaves Embiids ankles in pieces

I needed this today

A golden splash of respect

When laughter meets percussion

Shower them with laughs

A glowing commendation for all to see

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. This 100%. I know everyone complains about how bad his bracketology is, but he's not there to be the most accurate guy. He's a television personality. And a damn good one. He gives his opinion, gets the conversation going, and is an enthusiastic, enjoyable person to have on TV. Always look forward to seeing him on, although that's mainly because it means the tournament is near

  2. Is he not that accurate? I’m sure there’s people who are better but he always gets it pretty damn close to exact

  3. I feel like this is kinda worthless analysis if I could be blunt. At least they use their metric as first offensive action as opposed to time of the shot as that would be terrible data for the obvious reasons.

  4. his wife, which is a Villa fan forbids him talking about them on the show in fear of jinxing the team

  5. "Neither rain nor sleet nor--- it's the first one!"

  6. His main problem is simply being incredibly fucking stupid

  7. you mean the guy who repeatedly said he has to be "more smarter" isn't actually that smart?

  8. Hopefully its similar to Giannis's injury in ECF. But fuck that looks real bad.

  9. Yea these injuries usually look so much worse than they are when it bends back like that. Hopefully that’s the case

  10. Damn man. The nba gods really saw PG hit the 360 and said ‘that’s enough outta you’

  11. First thing he did as manager was exile like 6 players

  12. Agreed, and this isn’t because of our inevitable managerial search this summer I swear

  13. What does it have to do with us lol we’re not competing for remotely the same people

  14. I feel the opposite. I feel like it would be a stark realization for him of how we’re back to where we were and made no progress if we’re back to Poch

  15. Does Coby start seeing real minutes next season? Seems like Bulls have a bit of a logjam at Guard since they got Pat Bev…

  16. We're calling what the Bulls have at guard a logjam? It's closer to a vast wilderness than a logjam

  17. His parents named him Alec Jacoby White, he chooses to go by Coby.

  18. And also... it was a name before Kobe Bryant lol. Even if it was his government it's not like naming somebody Lebron. I don't even think of Bryant when I see "Coby"

  19. Back in the day used to get 2 Phillies tickets for buying a pack of hot dogs

  20. I had to double check what subreddit this was then was stunned it was so highly upvoted. I only vaguely know about it because I'm from Philadelphia, I had no idea this had captured the attention of the nation lmao

  21. most famous Danny Briere has ever been somehow lol

  22. If you knew anything about Conte you’d know his football isn’t “ultra defensive”

  23. Yep because we also leak goals under him. Just ultra boring and ultra bad

  24. The players you bought in the summer, were they all his choice ? He makes it seem like it was nothing to do with him

  25. They're not gonna be on the court together. Their front office has basically said as much. Which disappoints me as a big fan of both. Don't see why the Pistons made the move when it's only gonna stunt Duren's development.

  26. its probably a sign of weaver's lack of faith in Duren, or Weaver wanting to turn Wiseman into a trade piece next season.

  27. Yea I mean it makes sense in that Wiseman's ceiling is higher, he was drafted higher for a reason. But after how productive Duren was immediately, you would think the team would view him as an important piece and not trade for another young player to start over him already

  28. The hype around him is from HS, he was the #3 guy in his class and was very well known. Definitely hasn’t lived up to that potential yet thus far, in both college and the league

  29. And he’s a “hooper’s favorite hooper” type of player. He wasn’t the #1 recruit but he was the top dog in his class. Everybody else talked about him as the toughest player they played

  30. So you’re saying that either Jeff d lowe stole my post OR I am Jeff d Lowe

  31. Well you clearly didn’t have a signature on your post so that rules that out.

  32. PG saying "tummy" is really funny to me.

  33. Mokbel and Hynter last night, these two this morning. Definitely seems like the journos are getting briefed ahead of it happening. Dead man walking now imo.

  34. Am I missing something, why is this at the top lol

  35. Because it’s a joke. Jokes usually get upvoted a lot

  36. I'm not sure the Australia specific KFC menu item reference will play

  37. I accidentally clicked out of student subscription a few months ago. Was playing them for like six years. Hurt to lose that

  38. 9 years out of school and still got it going lol

  39. The idea that Fabregas ever sprinted up and down the pitch is nonsense as well. Never that type of player.

  40. He was pretty mercurial as a young player. Barca/Chelsea Cesc is very different from Arsenal Cesc

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