1. I love buckeye relief and they're honestly probably in my top three cultivators in the program, mostly based on consistency and quality.

  2. Idk why people downvoted you, You're just being honest

  3. no you absolutely didn't. You said google it cause you don't know what you're talking about. Just like everyone else who says google it.

  4. You're so slow buddy go suck Desanti's dick somewhere else I answered your question dumbass

  5. sucking dick seems to be more of y'alls type of lifestyle not mine.

  6. Who's yall cause I'm not on either side I just point out the bullshit both sides do

  7. honestly bro, they get me decently high, but i’ve learned to not buy flavors/strains that don’t show up on the internet. all the boxes have a good authenticity process on them, so the oil is real in all the ones i’ve had, but the brand is definitely copyright BM bullshit lol

  8. Ask anyone who has gone through benzo, opiate or alcohol withdrawal about their experience if you want to know why people downplay weed withdrawal.

  9. Agreed but for me Alcohol was an easy quit. Also easy to quit Nicotine for me. Sugar is actually pretty addictive and hard to quit I haven't tried quitting but I talked to people who have they say it's very hard

  10. Yea OP should have mentioned that, but still that is BS they just want more people to join their med program and spend money with the state. I hope Ohio doesn't follow along

  11. As someone who lives in Michigan and sees 15 grams of fire cured resin/live resin buckets go for 100 with 10% rec tax I can’t fathom that

  12. Most people I've talked to fron IL just drive to Michigan to get their stuff.

  13. How we supposed to know theres no picture of any packaging

  14. Seriously. Take some some responsibility. Your job is not hard. Stop blaming other people. If you can’t handle a job as simple as yours, you have a much larger problem.

  15. You have no idea what you're talking about 🤦‍♂️

  16. Nobody here knows what a fucking luster pod is.

  17. They basically are juul pods but either distil or LR.

  18. For reliability and consistency I'd have a look at Buckeye Relief and Certified.

  19. I agree but certified's carts and concentrates are a no go for me

  20. How can they pull a small can of peanuts when it shows a big can? 6 honey buns, I ordered 9 ordered 250 ct coffee filters, I got 100. Everything on the receipt is correct, they pulled the wrong items. How can this happen every time? Customer service says it happens all the time!

  21. Do yourself a favor and buy a different brand. klutch is overpriced and has been selling moldy bud for a while now but up to you not my lungs

  22. Done commenting on here I seriously do not care what you dumb fucks do on here. ENJOY THAT MOLD! I don't give a flying fuck about your lungs, health or anything so do what you want IT DOES NOT BOTHER ME

  23. when it’s already been made clear what you stated? yeah it’s weird😂 it’s obvious you’re just talking ab them to talk

  24. Read the first comment again said it's your lungs.... I don't wanna talk to talk I just was stating the facts sorry that made you mad 🤣🤣

  25. Shit.. I know I rub people the wrong way with the language that I use sometimes, but I have never said anything about Klutch or their products that wasn't truth as a direct result of my own experiences. With that, I don't think anyone has caught more shit over the Klutch thing on here than me. Those fucks really think I am just out to get them but that's not it at all. Their products have made me sick, and all I have done is warn people, albeit my language can be a little vulgar, and they fucking attack me like I'm making shit up. I think they're just mad because I won't let it die down so that they can sweep it under the rug and act like they don't have any problems..

  26. I agree bro but at this point I'm done wasting my time on these idiots who suck off klutch. Either they never smoked good weed before or prefer moldy fertilizer tasting bud. But all I know is I don't got time to warn people they can go get scammed It does not make a difference to me.

  27. I've only tried these here in Columbus. Other than the few times I've made the drive to Michigan but that's a whole different thing...

  28. Yea I wanna give strawberry fields and POW in london a shot sometime. And Michigan ahaha although I do hear I need to be careful because it's over saturated

  29. i’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re buying mids for that price my friend

  30. Not exotics or anything definitely above mid tho. You can get OZ even cheaper than I do here in the states. Not always gonna be mid too but yeah not exotics by any means lmao

  31. Yea I get the same stuff for 55$ CAD an oz haha

  32. How's the second breakfast these days? Last time I got it about 2 years ago, smelled and tasted like hay.

  33. It's pretty good stuff but the only issue is you are paying nearly $50 for 2.8 gs.

  34. I live within minutes of AK steel. My lungs were Fuckin built for mold, Pal. Give me all the mold.

  35. Lmao that had me laughing I'll give you that. And I'm not tryna be a dick btw just genuinely trying to help people. But aye you do you man nothing wrong with that

  36. I get you man. It’s all good. Appreciate the advice, regardless of how wreck-less I am.

  37. Thanks. What cart do you recommend? My usual motorbreath is Mia lately, and my tolerance is too high so I'm not getting high

  38. Honestly it's hard finding good brand with good distillates and one that doesn't leak/clog, I would say from personal experience onderful carts are pretty good up until it gets to the coils, then starts getting clogged.

  39. Yeah but thc doesn’t matter as much in live resin I’ve had a Ohio live resin that hits harder than a Michigan at 83 percent

  40. yea good point probably loaded with terps michigan's prices are cheap if the concentrates are being made with mid ass flower then thc % wont mean shit unfortunately

  41. Concentrates in Ohio are actually really good even if they are limited at 70 but the prices are dumb

  42. Yea I just go with flower, gets me the most bang out my buck.

  43. I just heat mine up and it all melts down on its own. You can use a hairdryer or put it next to a candle or something. Will help for a while once it warms up and goes back down to the coils, also I found some brands get clogged way easier than others I've found a brand with great airflow and barely gets clogged.

  44. Please do share as my collection of bad vapes seems be growing all the time ☹️

  45. Fire rock pacific coast is good from my experience and onderful up until it gets close to the coils then it starts to get clogged but none have leaked on me from those two companies certified has some fire bud but their carts are trash

  46. California we don’t have those no more. Just regular swishers. Nothing flavored at all.

  47. Dang, can you order some online? I've ordered a flavored pack of game leaf before on ebay.

  48. It's essential for a non-corrupt medical program. There are strains that help better than others, but dispensaries aren't able to keep a steady or stable supply.

  49. I would like to see them do that but very unlikely unfortunately

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