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  1. It’s a new feature in iOS 16, called “depth effect”. Looks sick!

  2. Good luck man hopefully yours doesn't turn out as bad as mine did tho.

  3. Basically the folks that work on repairs are often overworked and underpaid. They usually only do a simple repair like replace a part but they don't do it right which leads to other problems.But you can really only give it BB for warranty service if you try a third party they either can't do it because no parts or they can't do warranty service. It's funny that not even Asus has the parts in stock they have to order them and it takes longer to fix it again. For me I had weird heat issues and had BB repair it. They replaced the motherboard but the heat issue was still there. Did it again. Same result waited like 5 weeks. Tried again. Same thing. Another 2 weeks gone. So it really is just a luck of the draw. Just ask for a mobo replacement and pray that the tech who works on it knows what they're doing and isn't in a bad mood. For me I ended up fixing it myself after I called to complain and made the tech tell me what thermal pads were used and did it myself.

  4. Holy hell. That was painful to read. I’ll try and ask them to do it right in front of me and record the process lol.

  5. Guys i think I’ve found a solution. In the armoury crate, when I turned the GPU power saving mode to “optimised” the laptop goes to sleep just fine. Switch it to any other mode and it doesn’t sleep.

  6. I couldn't figure out a fix and downloaded an app called shutdown timer, it allows me to manually put it to sleep, takes an extra second but totally fixes

  7. Shockingly, they removed the whole six month limit thing >:)

  8. Try "Seven Burgers and Shwarma" in KP. Their house special burger is just out of this world.

  9. I'm trying to finish it before the prequel starts.

  10. The djinn episode. Dean was so happy and then it was all taken away from him.

  11. same issue, i dont now how to get out of this, i need armoury crate because i need to update the driver of my asus headset, because the mic is totally fucked up right now:( Do you have any tip for me?

  12. Try leaving it on for a long time (like hours). Close it if it doesn’t move and start over. Wish I had a better answer for you :/

  13. I'm on windows 11, so i Installed the win 11 version from the official site, but as i said it is stuck at "donwload rog live services" should I download the windows 10 version instead? what version did you downloaded?

  14. I’m on windows 10, can’t say about 11. I’m guessing the problem is the same.

  15. That it is. However I'm currently writing my own app that can hook into macro buttons, in your case it's the Armoury Crate button, on my G733 I have 2 - fans and crate buttons. At the moment I've set it so that fan button changes between normal silent\performance\turbo modes, but also has some extra modes and custom fan curves. Each mode can already basically operate ryzenadj and atrofac.

  16. Dude I’d love to try it out. If dropping a dm when you put it out isn’t too much trouble. Sounds very interesting :)

  17. Well if you want to buy a 3060 laptop, you can get a legion 5 (R7 5800H+ 3060) at about 1.22L on its website after the bank discount and promo code. That would be a better one than this.

  18. True but R9 scores higher than R7 and those extra points do matter

  19. Agreed that 5900hs performs better than 5800H, but its like 4-5% tops which in my opinion doesn't really warrant a 20K more price. Although if you do feel its worth it, go for it. Cant go wrong with either one anyway. Also do note that Tgp of both 3060 is different. Asus comes with a 95W against 130W in Legion

  20. Yeah the difference in performance is small. 20k is lot too I agree. I checked the g15 out in a shop and just the form factor, the 2k screen and the speakers blew my mind. That is the reason why I’m so attracted to it.

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